How to Spot a Dangerous Casino Site

Betting in online casinos has never been easier in 2024 thanks to the amazing array of casino sites made available across the world. Depending on where you live, you could have access to literally hundreds of top online betting websites within the click of a button.


Betting in online casinos has never been easier in 2024 thanks to the amazing array of casino sites made available across the world. Depending on where you live, you could have access to literally hundreds of top online betting websites within the click of a button.

But unfortunately, not all casino sites are safe. While the vast majority adhere to national legislation and guidelines, and offer extensive help to players to ensure they bet in safety, there are also some dangerous casino sites in the world.

These dangerous online casinos are rare but players are advised to be vigilant in order to spot them. After all, you wouldn’t enter a dangerous looking casino in real life, so why would you do it online?

Spotting illegal gambling sites isn’t always easy but has some top tips to help you remain vigilant.

How to Spot a Dangerous Casino

When choosing your next online casino site it’s always worth double-checking a number of factors before signing up for an account. After all, you deserve the best experience when playing online casino games and shouldn’t have to worry about safety and legalities. Yet remaining vigilant even when you have joined a casino is the best way to avoid being accidentally scammed by a rogue website.

Here are five quick and easy ways to determine if a casino site is dangerous…

No Casino Registration

This may sound obvious but some casino sites fail to meet national legislation, and so aren’t considered legitimate websites. These are the most dangerous type of sites as they fall outside the jurisdiction of law and the regulatory authorities.

All safe casino sites must meet legal standards around payouts, handling data, payment methods and player safeguarding. They must also hold a gambling license. Those that don’t meet these requirements are considered dangerous, and in many cases illegal.

You can quickly check a casino site’s credentials and legitimacy by scrolling down their home page. All the best casino sites have links to national regulatory authorities, relevant gambling commissions and software providers at the bottom of their home page. Check out these links and see if your chosen casino site is approved by the authorities.

What’s more, if your chosen site is based outside your own country then you may not have the same legal protection as those at home. For example, living in the USA but betting on a Brazilian betting site won’t give you legal protection in America or Brazil.

No ID Checks, Credit Card Payments

When you join an online casino you’ll be asked to provide basic information such as name, address, age and bank/payment details. This is all valuable personal information that legitimate casinos will keep safe, but dangerous ones can exploit for fraud purposes.

One big indicator that your chosen casino is dangerous is if you’re not asked to provide proof of ID. All casinos must request ID verification during signup – and if your chosen website neglects this then it’s a serious red flag.

What’s more, contrary to what you might read elsewhere on the internet, many countries have banned the use of credit cards as a payment method in online casinos USA. The reason for this is to prevent issues over money laundering and fraudulent activity, as well as helping to safeguard players.

If you’re looking at an online casino site and it does offer credit card payment methods then be sure to check out the latest regulations in your country or state regarding this. Casinos will likely require you to use a debit card – linked to your checking account – or an eWallet. Bank payments and wire transfers are also legitimate forms of payment in many countries.

Reputation of Payout Fraud

Payout fraud is one of the biggest dangers of any illegal site and the likelihood of you recouping your defrauded funds is low, especially if the online casino is unregulated.

Of course, sometimes it is hard to spot these unregulated sites, which is where online reviews show their true value. It doesn’t take long in 2021 for any online establishment to gain a bad reputation if it screws over its customers – and customer feedback is one of the best ways to unearth a dangerous casino site.

Make sure before choosing an online casino that you read reviews from other customers. If there are complaints about balances being wiped clean or withdrawal payments going missing, then this is a clear indication that the betting site in question is dangerous.


Glitching is an issue you might not encounter until you have joined a casino site, but many online casinos offer you the chance to play for free and experience what they have to offer. Sounds great, right? Well, while playing free games before committing to a site is perfect for testing the range of games, it also means you can check the site for glitches and other issues.

If your online casino games don’t run smoothly, pages regularly fail to load, and help links are missing then it is an indication that the site probably doesn’t have the care and financial backing a legitimate online casino requires to meet its regulatory standards.

Always remember that you deserve the best casino experience possible when choosing a site. If there is glitching or something simply doesn’t feel right, feel free to shop around and find a new, legit casino!

No Customer Service

This is a big red light to indicate a dangerous online casino. All casinos must have a form of customer service by law and the best provide various channels to get in touch with guidance operators. Online casino customer service options include live chat, phone lines and email contact. A safe casino site should have a 24-hour hotline for players to ring at any time if they need help.

If you discover that your casino doesn’t have any customer service or contact info then this is a big indication that it’s not legit.

What’s more, why would you want to play in a casino where there isn’t help when you need it?

Other Red Flags for Dangerous Online Casinos

While the five above alerts are good ways to spotting a dangerous online casino, there are other methods you can use to remain vigilant and not fall suspect to fraud or harmful activity. These include:

  • Regional specific URLs (e.g. a .nl website indicates the site is in Netherlands, and US players won’t be protected under Dutch legislation)
  • Low review ratings
  • Unfamiliar payment methods
  • No age verification
  • Broken English

This last point may sound a little strange but it is important to realise that many illegal casinos are based outside America and western Europe, where English may not be the first language of the developers. A legitimate casino will ensure it has the resources to delver a fully-operational English language site for US players and provide extensive help guides covering a range of topics.

Remember, as a customer you’re the one in control of where you play and therefore you are within your rights to expect high standards from your chosen site. Of course, you can always rely on trusted casino comparisons to aid your choice.

Methods to Spot a Good Casino

Now we’ve examined some of the issues around dangerous casinos and how to spot them, it’s time to consider the best ways to picking a reputable casino.

US players have many reasons to choose one site over another. Some enjoy exclusivity over community, while others want the largest choice of games. Having the freedom to play on phone apps is also a big factor in deciding how to choose a casino site.

Contributing factors towards a good casino include:

  • High-rated, positive casino reviews
  • Extensive bonus options
  • Safety guarantees
  • Smartphone app or mobile casino
  • Range of deposit methods
  • Play and test games for free
  • Responsive customer service

Whatever your preference, the one thing no player should ever compromise on is security. After all, casino sites will be handling your data and banking information when you join them, so you should expect the highest levels of security and integrity.

Choose the Best Casino

Now you’ve read through our guide on dangerous casinos it’s time to choose a legitimate one! Our team of expert analyzers boasts over 10 years of experience reviewing the best online casinos and giving them a rating you can trust.

Understanding why legitimate casinos earn high ratings will put you in control of the decision to play wherever you choose. What’s more, our casino reviews come with individual breakdowns of available games, a number of slots, minimum deposits, and device compatibility to make that decision easier for you!

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