Are Casinos Safe? How Online Casinos Keep Players Safe

How do casino sites keep players safe? Some people have negative impressions of casino sites, but legitimate & reputable sites do a number of things to keep your information & money safe, and game play fair β€” and here's how they do it.


Online casinos are safe to play if you can identify key characteristics that distinguish them from so-called rouge casinos. A safe online casino for real money is one that has been licensed by the relevant regulatory authority, which is a good sign that it is a legitimate operation. We will show you additional security measures that you can implement to ensure the safety of your funds and enjoyment of your online gambling experience.

How Are Casinos Protecting Patrons from COVID-19?

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, land-based casinos were forced to close their doors amid surging Covid-19 cases. With players unable to make use of land-based casino facilities, they were forced to look for alternative ways to gamble. One alternative to land-based casinos is online casinos as they offer players more convenience with how, when, and where they can play. Being online provided a safe gambling experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. With lucrative casino bonus offers and promotions that mostly all online casinos offer, including first deposit and a no deposit bonus, the transition to online for many players was an easy choice.

Since re-opening their doors, land-based casinos have had to adjust their services to meet the stringent health and safety requirements imposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and each state and local government. Social distancing measures and building capacity limitations have been implemented to protect patrons from close contact with each other. Casinos also provide hand sanitizer throughout the premises so that patrons can disinfect themselves after touching the machines, chips, and parts of the common areas. The sanitization of the building and equipment is done on a regular basis to ensure general cleanliness and eliminate any Covid-19 virus which may have stuck to surfaces. Lastly, the casinos have urged patrons and staff to stay at home if they display any symptoms of the Covid-19 disease to avoid spreading it at the casino.

With all these safety measures in place it’s easy to see why online gambling has skyrocketed since Covid-19 began. The overall experience and enjoyment for players going to a land-based casino has been reduced a lot with these safety measures in place. While in your own home, you can play all your favorite casino games without the risk of catching a potentially lethal disease.

Are Casinos Rigged?

For anyone that has done any form of gambling you may have heard the phrase β€œthe house always wins”. This is true to an extent. A casino, being a business, needs to make a profit and this is done through the house edge. The house edge refers to the advantage that the house has over the players. For different casino games there is a different house edge which will apply.

The lowest house edge for casino games are card games such as blackjack, baccarat and 3 card poker which come in around 0.5% to 2%. In comparison, online slots typically have a house edge between 2% to 7% depending on which type of slot you are playing. The house edge does not mean that the game is rigged, it is merely the advantage that the house has over the player.

Gambling online can easily bring up trust issues for players, especially if the player has been particularly unlucky. How do you know whether the online casino is really offering fair games that aren’t rigged? Well, this is simple. It is in the best interest of real money online casinos to provide fair games that aren’t rigged. Casinos may only operate legitimately with a license, and to obtain this license, casinos are required to have their books and games audited by regulatory bodies as well as independent third parties to ensure fairness. Perhaps even more important is the fact that a casino’s reputation is everything. If it comes out that the casino is rigged, this would be the end of the road for that casino. And finally, the house edge becomes a mathematical certainty over many games, and the edge will become the profit of a casino. Managing the casino business is based more on the costs of the operation. There is no need to make the games unfair, especially with all the risks involved.

What Was Las Vegas Like At COVID’s Peak?

Las Vegas is a city that thrives on tourism through its iconic gambling industry. When the decision was made by Governor Sisolak to suspend all gambling operations, the once bustling city saw a rapid decline in its tourism industry. The busy streets of Las Vegas were a ghost town.

As severe Covid-19 numbers were decreasing, attempts to bring back normalcy in a safe manner were rolled out. Various measures were implemented to limit the spread of the disease while providing the best service. For example, to reduce contact between people, a hotel could greet visitors with a self check-in machine rather than front desk staff.

With the Covid-19 situation now leveling out, things in Sin City have somewhat returned to normal, with a few safety measures remaining such as strict hygiene and sanitization requirements for employees as well as guests.

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Is My Online Casino Deposit Safe?

The best online casinos are aware of the need for safety and security measures to protect the funds of their customers. The best way to ensure that your deposit is in good hands is to find out whether you are signed up at a safe casino. Safe and secure casinos are properly licensed and will always have top notch measures in place to ensure that your funds are handled with the utmost care.

There are a number of casino deposit methods available to players that offer great protection. While traditional banking options such as Visa and Mastercard payments are always a super convenient way to deposit funds into your casino account, there are other ways to protect yourself even more. Using payment methods such as Skrill and Neteller allows you to keep your personal funds separate from your gambling funds.

The benefit of this is that your personal banking information is kept private, which reduces the possibility of hackers accessing your funds. Depositing and withdrawing from these accounts is simple and most casinos offer these payment options. Another way of depositing funds into your account is through Bitcoin, which is super secure and also one of the fastest methods of depositing funds into your account. Keep an eye out for bitcoin casinos for instant transactions, zero fees, and anonymous deposits.

Are Online Casinos Safe to Play?

You may be asking yourself, β€œAre there any safe online casinos?”. We are here to tell you that there are indeed online casinos that are safe to play at. If you are about to sign up at an online casino and you are having your doubts about the safety of the operation, there are a few considerations that you can take into account to ensure that it is indeed safe.

  1. Make sure the casino is licensed
  2. Check if they have trustworthy deposit options
  3. Read casino reviews
  4. Look for reputable software providers
  5. Read the Terms and Conditions

Most important on the list is to read through trusted online casino reviews which will give you a clear indication of whether the casino is safe or not.

After reading this article, we hope you are at ease with the fact that most online casinos are safe. As an online gambler and customer of online casinos, the only thing that is required of you is to take some basic precautions to ensure that you are playing at a trusted online casino. You should apply the same level of scrutiny required for any online business to online casinos equally.

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