The Absolute Best Casino Games For Beginners

If you’re not a seasoned pro, the idea of playing casino games for real money can seem intimidating. Relax - it doesn’t have to be that way! Read on to find the best casino games for beginners to play.


If you’re not a seasoned pro, the idea of playing casino games for real money can seem intimidating. Relax — it doesn’t have to be that way!

While some games are complicated, there are many which lend themselves to beginners. Some require skill, some require luck, and some require a mixture of both. Keep in mind that most online casinos offer a demo or practice mode, or even an online casino bonus, which will allow you to play some of their games for free. This gives you the opportunity to test your gameplay before risking any of your own money!

Easy to learn and fun to play, here are our top game picks for gambling rookies:


Bright, flashy, and appealing, online slots are one of the best introductions to casino gambling because they are so simple to play. Once you’ve chosen a game and set your stake, you simply press a button to spin the slots. How easy is that?!

A simple game of luck and chance, whether you win or lose your stake is completely random. There is nothing you can do that will affect the outcome of each spin. Perhaps that’s why slots are the most popular of all the online casino games. You’ll find that most online casinos offer hundreds, if not thousands, of slot games.

Minimum bets vary online, but there are plenty of low-stakes slots which are great for beginners. Plus, there is a ton of variety. With hundreds of themed slots, there is sure to be something for everyone. While volatility and the type of slots you play are down to personal preference, we advise never playing games with less than a 97% Return to Player rate.


Roulette is also a game of chance. You bet on where the ball will land on a roulette wheel, which consists of numbered red, black, and green slots.

Beginners should stick with outside bets until they get the hang of the game. The payouts are less, but the chances of winning are higher because the players are betting on more slots.  Once the bet has been made and the wheel is in motion, there is nothing that you can do to affect your chances of winning or losing in roulette – it’s pure luck!

Usually, the minimum bet in online roulette is $1, $0.50 or $0.10. We recommend that beginners start out playing French roulette. It has the lowest house edge of all the roulette variations, meaning your bankroll will go further!


The first card game on our list, online blackjack offers one of the lowest house edges of all the casino games, and it’s very easy to play! The rules are simple and after just a few hands, you’ll begin to feel like a pro.

That said, blackjack combines both luck and skill. You can greatly improve your chances of winning by playing with a basic strategy. It’s a quick game, so don’t bet a large portion of your bankroll on any one hand! Instead, take it slow and steady.

Most online casinos offer a minimum bet of just $1, but you can find low-stakes blackjack games with minimums of $0.50 too.


Played on a table and with only three possible bets, baccarat is a casino classic which lends itself to beginners. You bet on whether your hand of cards will be higher than the bankers, lower than the bankers, or if it’ll be a tie.

There are a couple of other rules involved which you can read about in our full guide to baccarat, but by and large, that’s the gist of the game.

We strongly advise against betting on a tie – the odds are so low that the payouts are simply not worth making this bet. Therefore, your two remaining options are to bet on whether you or the banker will have the highest hand.

This simple decision makes baccarat a great game for beginners. Be aware that sometimes casinos take a commission on banker bets because they tend to win more often! Minimum bets in baccarat usually start at just $1.

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If you’re looking to learn how to play, sharpen your strategy, or find the perfect online casino, you’re in the right place! Be sure to check read our online casino reviews for expert tips & more.

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