Casino Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Online gambling is a game of luck. Thanks to Random Number Generators, the outcome of games is kept random to ensure fairness to players. With games that have an element of skill, such as poker and blackjack, you can implement strategies to improve your chances of winning. Other games, such as online slots, require a different type of strategy in order to improve your chances of winning.


If you are looking to find out a bit more about these tips and tricks that can be implemented while gambling online then look no further. Our first suggestion is to read trusted casino reviews, which will ensure that you only play at the best online casinos around. Once you have found a casino that matches what you want, whether it is bonuses, games, or deposit methods, you are ready to utilize our tips and tricks.

5 Things You Should Know Before Playing Slots

Online slots, much like land-based slots, are one of the most popular methods of gambling. This is mainly because they are super simple to play and present huge winning opportunities. Before you start playing online slots, keep in mind these 5 important considerations.

Different Types of Online Slots

There is no shortage of choices when it comes to online slots. Software providers consistently push the boundaries to bring online players the best that there is to offer. Some of the top names in the industry include Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and Evolution Gaming.

Depending on what your preference is, there will definitely be something for you. If you enjoy old-school classic slots, then the simple design of the fruit-themed slots will be a good choice. Take a look at Hot Chilli by Pragmatic Play or Fruit Shop by NetEnt for some classic fruit-themed online slots fun.

Some of the newer titles are jam-packed with casino bonus features that make gameplay super fun. These include Sticky Wilds, Megaways, free spins casino games, and expanding reels (to name a few).

It’s important to note that online gambling is only permissible if you are over the legal age in the jurisdiction where you live. In the United States, most states have a 21+ legal age for gambling. However, there are some states that allow you to gamble if you are over the age of 18 such as Utah and Vermont. Keep note of the legal requirements in your jurisdiction to see whether you are legally allowed to gamble online.

Online casinos are required to do checks to confirm the age of their patrons during the registration process. This is known as Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and involves the online casino requesting your ID documents to confirm your age and identity. Once verified you will be able to sign up and enjoy safely gambling online. These procedures are implemented by safe online casinos and is a good sign that the casino you are playing at is legit.

Furthermore, depending on where you play, certain banking methods may be excluded from players. Luckily, Visa online deposits are quite common and most online casinos offer it as both a deposit and withdrawal method.

Slot Volatility/ Slot Variance

Slot volatility is the level of risk of a particular slot. The higher the volatility a slot has the greater the payouts that can be expected. Online slots can be categorized into high, medium, and low volatility slots. If you are looking for those big wins, you are better off playing at a high volatility slot. Be sure to implement very good bankroll management before playing as wins will be less frequent but when they do come through they will be much higher than low volatility slots.

Random Number Generator (RNG) and Return to Player (RTP)

Random Number Generators (RNG) is the software that is used to create random outcomes whenever you spin the reels. This software is responsible for ensuring games are fair to players. Online gambling regulatory authorities constantly check online casinos to ensure the integrity of their RNG software to protect players from scam casinos.

Return to Player (RTP) is the percentage that is returned to players on average for a particular slot. For example, a slot with an RTP of 97% indicates that for every $1,000 put in, that slot will return $970 to players with the online casino taking $30 as revenue. You should always look out for online slots with a high RTP as these slots have higher winning opportunities.

Casino Licensing

Casino licensing is a very important consideration that must be taken into account before signing up and playing online slots. You can ensure that the casino is licensed by looking at the bottom of the webpage, which will show the licensing and accreditations that the casino has obtained. If you are playing at a slot that has been developed by a small indie software company it would be in your best interest to see whether the company has obtained the relevant licenses that confirms their games pass the necessary fairness requirements.

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What are the Best Slots to Play?

Your perfect slot will depend on what you are looking to get out of your casino experience. Putting aside gameplay and graphics, the best slots to play are the ones that have the highest winning potential as this is the main reason why we play online slots. Keeping this in mind the best online slots with the highest winning potential have the following characteristics:

  • Free Spins
  • High RTP (96% or higher)
  • Lucrative bonus features and rounds
  • Medium to High Variance

Is There Any Way To Improve My Chance To Win?

Certain online casino games, such as poker, have an element of skill involved in them. Therefore, through practice, players can improve their chances of winning. Online slots are a bit different and are more a game of luck, due to their use of Random Number Generators.

If you want to improve your chances of winning an online slot, we suggest studying the paytable applicable to that slot. As most slots have different feature symbols as well as bonus symbols, it would be in your best interest to familiarize yourself with them before playing.

Another useful tip is to play the free version before putting down real money. This will allow you to understand the game mechanics so that you are fully prepared once you put down your hard-earned cash. Most real money casinos have a free to play option to let new players try out their games without risk.

What are some Tips and Tricks Casinos Use to Entice Players?

Online casinos use various methods to bring new customers to their virtual doors. Since the operating costs of an online casino is much lower than brick-and-mortar casinos, online operators utilize this extra cash to offer lucrative promotions both to new players and existing ones. Some of these methods include:

  • Lucrative welcome bonuses – Online casinos offer new player rewards for signing up in the form of welcome casino bonuses. These can either be a no deposit bonus or first deposit bonus. In the case of first deposit welcome bonuses, players are first required to deposit some funds into their account before the bonus is awarded. Some casinos even offer higher rewards for depositing using certain methods, such as Bitcoin as a deposit method. Look around for the best casinos offering these welcome bonus packages to get yourself off to a good start when signing up.
  • Daily promotions – On top of welcome bonuses, online casinos also offer their existing players daily promotions. Operators advertise these promotions to show potential players what they can expect when they choose to play at their casino.
  • Quick and efficient withdrawal – There is nothing more annoying than online casinos taking forever to process withdrawals. As a marketing tactic, online casinos advertise fast and safe withdrawals to bring new customers to their doors. Quick and efficient deposit methods are just as important as withdrawals and is something that operators focus on to make signing up with them an easy choice. Utilizing well-known withdrawal and deposit methods such as Visa and Mastercard banking options is always a good choice for players.

These are a few of our top casino tips and tricks that we are sure will come in handy while playing at online casinos.

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