How To Choose Lottery Numbers

Yes, the lottery is a game of chance, but there are certainly some methods that are popular among gamblers to select lottery numbers. You can certainly choose randomly, but today we're taking a look at how to choose lottery numbers, whether playing online or on-land.


Before we start looking at how to choose lottery numbers or which lottery numbers are the best, we need to make one thing clear: there is no way to cheat the lottery.

While some casino games like blackjack and online slots can be manipulated to work more in the player’s favor, lottery just doesn’t work like that. The chances of you winning the lottery are the same if you pick numbers 1 to 7 as they are if you spread your choices over the card.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits to strategizing which lottery numbers to pick, or from discovering which are the best lottery numbers. After all, you want to ensure you’ve covered every base before buying lottery tickets online or in store.

So, we’ve detailed the five best methods to choosing lottery numbers, so you can pick your favorite method…

Memorable Dates

Some people believe in their lucky numbers and that these are found in dates. Birthdays and wedding anniversaries are common choices, while first dates, engagements and even the age of a beloved pet can be used for the selection.

The year someone is born can provide you with up to four numbers, while some people even use the digits from their social security number to provide inspiration!

But remember, if you’re choosing birthdays then save at least one selection for over 31.

If you’re solely working on birthdays then none of your choices will surpass 31 and that could feel as though your ticket is weighted too much with the low numbers.

Sports Players

If you’re a sports fan then choosing the numbers of your favorite players is often a smart way to make your selections. NFL rosters feature almost 50 players, while there is roughly half that for MLB and NHL teams.

What’s great about choosing numbers off your favorite players if you’re unlikely to forget your picks next time. This is important if you want to play lottery online with consistency and avoid forgetting your choices every time you buy a ticket.

What’s more, how great would it be if your chosen sports stars were the ones who inspired a million-dollar win on the lottery?

Avoid Strings and Patterns

We know the lottery is random but there’s always a feeling that strings of numbers are unlikely to appear. Sometimes players succeed by selecting two numbers together, such as 17 and 18.

But very few would also add 19 to that ticket, and it feels almost impossible that 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 would be drawn all at once.

Another mistake people make is picking common lottery numbers in sequence. For example, making choices in multiples of seven, such as 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42. It may feel like a smart move but it’s not.

That’s because strings of numbers – whether they be consecutive or in a pattern – draw the attention away from the game and can feel very frustrating when they don’t work.

There’s always the temptation to change your picks and you’ll never be satisfied with your numbers. It’s best to stay away from them.

lottery number balls

Discover Most Common Lottery Numbers

It may sound strange but many players simply google ‘what lottery numbers should I pick?’ and often find articles of the most common lottery numbers. Of course, it’s only natural in games that often feature +40 numbers that some appear more than others.

Many US lotteries have discovered that specific numbers have won on more occasions than others, even though statistically there is no bias towards any single number in a lottery.

Googling your numbers will reveal news articles detailing how popular they are on certain lottery sites. The Powerball statistics reveal 23, 32, 61, 53 and 69 are the five most popular lottery numbers right now – although of course, that could change!

Don’t Change your Numbers

There’s nothing more frustrating than deciding on a bet, changing it at the last minute and then seeing the original bet win! It happens to horse racing bettors all the time and leaves players cursing their luck.

If you don’t want to experience this then make sure you stick with your numbers once you’ve chosen them.

Some players will stick with their lottery numbers for their entire lives. Changing them after a year of playing lottery, only to see those numbers come up as the winning ones next week, wouldn’t be too fun.

So many lottery experts advise players to make their choice and stay with it, no matter what happens.

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James Guill

James Guill is a former professional poker player who writes fro about poker, sports, casinos, gaming legislation and the online gambling industry in general. His past experience includes working with IveyPoker, PokerNews, PokerJunkie, Bwin, and the Ongame Network. From 2006-2009 he participated in multiple tournaments including the 37th and 38th World Series of Poker (WSOP). James lives in Virgina and he has a side business where he picks and sells vintage and antique items.

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