How Much To Tip Your Casino Dealer?

It's easy to spend money at the casino, whether on-land or online—But when it comes to tipping, how much should you tip? We offer a rundown on how much you should tip at the casino.


There is a rampant conversation among casino players as to how much you should tip casino dealers, so today on the blog, we’re discussing the etiquette surrounding tipping and how to tip your casino dealer.

When you’re sitting down for a game of blackjack, should you leave anything for the dealer at the end of the game? If so, how much? And what if you’re just in for a quick hand or two versus playing for hours? Or what if you lose your entire bankroll?

These are the many questions that players bandy about when they’re discussing tipping etiquette. Read on for our answers to these questions, and learn the dos and don’ts of tipping the dealer.

Tipping the Dealer In-Person

Although offering a tip is generally considered good etiquette, tipping the dealer is a personal decision but for the purposes of this article, we’re going to assume that you’re in a giving mood. Nothing compels you to tip but if you are going to do it, we’re going to talk about some general standards.

In general, tipping happens at table games but you can also tip slot attendants, waitresses, pit bosses, and more. What we’re looking at here is mostly the table games like blackjack, poker, craps, and more.


Typically, the amount that’s tipped varies on a few things. To start, it’ll depend on what the limits are at your table. If you’re playing $1 hands, you won’t be tipping as much as you would when it’s $50 a round. The second factor considers is the length of time you’re playing. If you’re just stopping in for a couple of minutes, you won’t be expected to tip much. However, if you end up sitting and playing for a few hours, you’ll be expected to tip more.

Lastly, winning and losing do factor. Some people tip from the number of chips you buy in. You should think about the dealer ahead of time – if you’re a veteran in the casino – so that should be budgeted in. However, if you’re a newbie and you happen to lose your stack in a certain game, it’s OK if you don’t tip. It’s understood that you had a rough ride.

Tipping the dealer in the United States is pretty much like tipping the server: think about a range from 10-20% of the gambling chips you’ve bought in. In the United Kingdom, it’s roughly similar but it usually caps out at about 15%. And yes, tips factor into how much casino dealers make.

Online Casino Dealer Tips

Online casino dealers don’t get as much love as dealers in land-based casinos and that’s understandable. After all, some of the games are simply run by software, so who exactly are you tipping? Players will still tip, though, as part of it is viewed as superstition. If you don’t treat the dealer well, they won’t treat you well either.

For the most part, players will simply throw in a chip to the dealer here and there. Again, that will depend on the game you’re playing. Also, online casino dealers average tips in the range of about 5%, which is much lower than their in-person comrades. It’s just the whole setup is different and much less is required from online casino dealers.

Tipping During Live Dealer Game

While many of the games in an online casino are simply run by programs, one of the biggest trends nowadays is live dealer games. These allow you to play all of the classic online casino games like online blackjack for real money and roulette while interacting with a real, live dealer. You’ll get to see them on camera and they’ll be dressed up professionally, often seated in a secluded room inside a casino, and you’ll get to interact with them. However, they don’t see you, so the whole experience is very approachable. It’s your way to get a taste of the casino action without actually stepping into a casino.

When it comes to tipping, players are far more likely to tip these types of dealers than they are the ones in the automated games. Of course, the difference here is you have a human that you’re playing with who has to deal the cards, run the game, and so on, and they’ll also add some personality to it.

Sometimes, playing in an online casino can feel lonely so when you get to play with another person–even if they’re representing the house–it adds a warm element to it.

That being the case, you’ll see players tip live dealers anywhere in the range of 5-10%. They aren’t going to get the same rates as regular land-based casino dealers but they still do well for themselves. If you’ve enjoyed the experience and had some fun with the live dealer, through a few chips their way.

Tipping Varies By Country

One important thing to point out is that tipping at a real money casino will vary by country. Although we’re talking about general etiquette of it, different parts of the world view casino tipping differently. For example, in some places like Spain, you won’t be expected to tip in a casino–either in person or online.

However, when gambling in the United States, it’s quite common practice. Part of it has to do with the fact that dealers are paid different salaries. In the United States, tips are viewed as a big part of what eventually becomes their living wage. In Spain, dealers are paid more off the hop, so they aren’t expecting it. This type of location situation could also be a factor if you’re playing online from one place to another.

In other words, if you’re in the United States playing at a European online casino or vice-versa. At the end of the day, do what you’re comfortable with as this is all based on your generosity.

casino dealer at mgm grand with face shield and mask behind plexiglass for covid

A blackjack dealer at the MGM Grand working within COVID-19 safety restrictions. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio).

How To Tip The Dealer

When it comes to actually leaving the tip, there are a number of ways you can do it. For the most part, it’s a personal preference. You’ll find players who tip here and there throughout the session–throwing in a few bucks when they win–or you’ll find players who tip at the very end. Some also tip upfront too. People have different superstitions related to this, so they’ll tip at different times.

Now that you’re familiar with tipping at the casino, read our online casino reviews.

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