Top 5 Slot YouTubers to Watch


Slots are the most popular game at any casino. Between the flashy graphics, fun sound effects, and of course the chance of winning a ridiculously huge jackpot, what’s not to love?

Speaking of huge jackpots, some lucky players have won big bucks playing slots online. The biggest slots win on a progressive slot jackpot to date was won by an anonymous player at Grand Mondial Casino in 2018. The player won over $23 million USD — from a 75-cent wager in less than 50 spins playing Mega Moolah Jackpot at an online casino. Talk about luck!

If you’re a fan of spinning the reels, either online or at your favorite casino, you’ll definitely want to check out some of these popular YouTube slot players. You can get all of the excitement of a trip to the casino without actually going anywhere (and without spending your own money).

5) VegasLowRoller

The name says it all – VegasLowRoller plays low-limit slots in Las Vegas casinos. His videos aim to entertain avid gamblers, beginners, and everyone in between. He uploads daily for his 98,000 subscribers.

His on-camera attitude is always exciting and enthusiastic. If you’re looking for an upbeat slots YouTuber, this is the guy to watch.

limit slots.

According to her Instagram page, Lady Luck HQ is the most viewed female slot channel in the world on YouTube! They have 155,000 subscribers and post new videos daily.

4) Slot Queen

Danielle Aragon, also known as Slot Queen, is more laid-back than your typical slots YouTuber. The mom-of-three sometimes features her husband, affectionately nicknamed Slot Hubby, into her videos. She uploads seven days a week for her over 49,400 subscribers.

Daniella comes across as more of a casual slots player in her videos, despite YouTube slots being her job. She doesn’t always max out her bets, and her chill videos seem like you’re just hanging out at the casino with your bestie.

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Fancy a game of slots — via YouTube?

3) Lady Luck HQ

Francine Maric and her husband Miran, better known together as Lady Luck HQ, run their popular YouTube channel as a couple. Their videos primarily feature Francine narrating their slot adventures at various casinos. The couple primarily plays high-limit slots.

According to her Instagram page, Lady Luck HQ is the most viewed female slot channel in the world on YouTube! They have 155,000 subscribers and post new videos daily.

2) NG Slot

Uploading slot videos since 2017, NG Slot is also a channel to check out. NG is one of the most popular slot YouTubers with over 228,000 subscribers. He also uploads new slot videos daily, so there’s always some new and exciting content to watch.

NG’s video roster includes average and high-limit betting, as well as complete transparency by showing us his wins and losses. His big wins on games like Cleopatra slots, charisma, and big personality make any of his videos a must-watch.

1) Brian Christopher Slots

The #1 slots YouTube channel to check out — and YouTube’s most popular slots channel — is definitely Brian Christopher Slots. Brian has over 389,000 subscribers and posts new slots of videos daily, betting anywhere from $1 to $100 per spin. He started his channel in 2016 as a hobby but was able to turn YouTube slots into a full-time job once his subscriber and view counts started climbing.

Brian’s channel aims to “educate and excite” viewers and does both very well. He posts which casino he’s going to be at on a calendar on his website, so fans can meet him and say hello if they happen to run into him.

Not only is Brian’s content fun to watch because of the thrill of spinning the reels, he’s also funny! He’s an entertaining speaker and narrates his slot adventures in a way that makes viewers feel like he’s talking to them. (I’m actually watching his latest video as I’m writing this, I love this guy).

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