Online Gambling Manitoba – How and Where to Bet Your Favourite Games

Want to learn more about online gambling in Manitoba? You’re in the right place.

One of three beautiful prairie provinces, Manitoba is centred between Ontario and Saskatchewan. Known as the ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World,’ it is also home to famous honey dill dip, a love of curling and don’t forget – gambling! Manitoba is a great place to try out sports betting, poker rooms and online casino games.

Where should you try online gambling in Manitoba? We’re here to share the advantages of online gambling, which online casinos are best for Manitoba residents and more. Read on to learn more and find out why you should gamble online in Manitoba.

The Best Sites for Online Gambling in Manitoba

Online Gambling Laws in Manitoba

Like elsewhere in Canada, Manitoba residents can gamble online if they’re 19 years or older. In fact, Manitoba is one of the leaders in bringing online gambling to the province, and even operates its own online casino, something not every province is on board with.

Manitoba prairie fields, online gambling in manitoba

The prairie fields of Manitoba.

Historically, no one has been prosecuted for gambling online in Manitoba – if you’re of age, you can gamble online in Manitoba.

VLTs are another popular way to gamble in Manitoba, however these Slots and VLT games are usually confined to a lounge or bar. Online gambling is a great way to access Slots and other popular VLT games anywhere, any time.

What can you Gamble Online in Manitoba?

Online Casinos

Why should you gamble online in Manitoba?
  • Far more casino game options than at most land-based casinos
  • Huge range of sports betting options
  • Always a free seat at poker and live dealer tables

While there are a few land-based casinos Manitobans can gamble at, there are also a huge range of online casinos for people looking to gamble wherever they are. Online casinos are a great way to access more bonuses and promotions than are usually available from land-based casinos.

Manitoba residents who are 19 years or older can play in online casinos. They’re able to enjoy a great variety of online games like Slots, Roulette and Baccarat.

Online Sports Betting

In Manitoba, when placing bets on sports, residents must be 19 years or older and can wager up to $250 per day on up to two sporting events.

Another event that’s popular to wager on in Manitoba is horse racing. Horse racing bets can be made at racetracks, as well as off-track locations. Online gambling presents far more sports betting options for players, including live betting options and a huge spread of events.

Online gambling in Manitoba is an excellent place to find sportsbooks that offer a range of sports to bet on like NCAA college basketball, boxing, NBA basketball, MMA and more.

Online Poker Rooms

Some of the best poker rooms for Manitoba residents are found online – players can find live dealers, tournaments, great software and gameplay, and more. Online poker rooms are a great way to flex your poker-playing muscle without having to gather a big group of people or plan a night out.

If you’re looking to learn more about poker and poker rooms, we’ve got lots of great tips for playing poker online and online poker room reviews.

The best part of online poker rooms? There’s always a free seat at the table.

What do we look for in online gambling sites in Manitoba?

polar bears in Manitoba, online gambling in manitoba

Manitoba – Notable as the polar bear capital of the world and home to people who love gambling.

When we look at what makes a great online gambling site for sports betting, online casinos and poker, we look at a few different aspects of the gaming experience to determine if it’s a good spot to play.

We look at things like:

  • Is Sign-Up Easy?
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options
  • Number and Variety of Betting Types and Options
  • Can you Access the Site from your Mobile Device?
  • Is the Site Secure and Safe?
  • Does the Site Have Good, Accessible Customer Support?

You’ll find answers to the above and more from our online gambling reviews. Online casino reviews, online sports betting book reviews and online poker room reviews – we’ve got them all.

Advantages of Online Gambling vs. Land-Based Gambling

There are so many advantages to online gambling in Manitoba. Online gambling in Manitoba is legal and, as we’ve mentioned, is a great way to access tons of sports events to bet on, not to mention a variety of bonuses and promotions and any type of game you want to play in an online casino.

If you’re looking for a land-based casino experience, there are good options like the Club Regent or Sand Hills Casino. But if you want a convenient, satisfying and fun online gambling experience, gambling online in Manitoba is the way to go.

Here are a few more reasons to gamble online in Manitoba:

  • Play for Free: Many online poker rooms and casinos have free-play options for players, where you can demo the game before you play online. Imagine playing for free at a casino without making a deposit or wager!
  • Endless Options: If you want something more than the limited sports betting options presented by the province, Manitobans can find more sports events, casino games and poker rooms online than in a bricks-and-mortar casino.
  • Stay at Home – Or, Gamble Anywhere & Any Time: Online gambling is very accessible. If you’re connected to the internet (or don’t mind using a little data), you can gamble online wherever you are. It’s a great choice for something to do while staying home, if you want a night on the couch or want to avoid lines, people and long wait times.
  • Convenience: Obviously, gambling online requires you to spend money, but if you’re looking to save on drinks, cabs, expensive meals and other costs usually incurred when you head to the casino, online gambling is right for you. If you’re staying home and still want something to do in Manitoba, try your luck at online gambling.

Mobile Online Gambling in Manitoba

Like we touched on above, online gambling in Manitoba lets you gamble anywhere, any time. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can play poker or casino games or find online sportsbooks. Most online casinos are accessible through the internet browser of your mobile device (iOS and Android devices support most sites and mobile casino games) and many sites have downloadable apps if not.

Online Gambling in Manitoba FAQ's