Bitcoin Blackjack

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Bitcoin Blackjack

Unless you’ve spent most of your time the last couple years hidden in a secret cave cut off from the outside world you’ve probably heard about Bitcoins.

It’s the odd currency that  made the news by going from almost worthless to a value of over $1,000 a piece and then plummeting back down to the low hundreds.

The business world has slowly started accepting it as a viable option. You can still find entire industries that won’t accept it, but it’s making inroads around the globe.

One business sector that’s quickly accepting crypto currencies is online gambling. You can find plenty of places to play Bitcoin blackjack and more are jumping on board every day.

You need to know a few things about Bitcoin blackjack before you start playing, so I’ve put together some information and answers to common questions below.

What Is It?

Bitcoin is usually called a crypto currency. Some people also call it a digital currency.

It’s much like the dollar or Euro or pound in what you can use it for. People and businesses accept it in exchange for goods and services just like you pay for other things.

It’s not backed by anything other than the value placed on it by people buying and selling it. It’s not a government or country backed currency and it isn’t backed by gold or silver or other precious metals.

This scares some people and it has caused large fluctuations in the value.

Is Bitcoin It Safe?

It is safe to send money using Bitcoins, but if you send them to the wrong place or to someone dishonest you can’t get them back.

For this reason they’re a favorite payment method for scammers and thieves because you can’t usually find out who you really sent the currency to and you can’t issue a charge back or anything like that.

This just means that they’re as safe to use as the place you send them. If you trust an online casino with your other types of currency there’s no reason to not trust them with your Bitcoins. Just make sure you send them to the correct place.

Where Can I Play Bitcoin Blackjack?

More and more online casinos are accepting Bitcoin for deposits all of the time. You can even find a few new casinos that only operate using Bitcoins.

If you’re already playing blackjack online, take a look in the cashier area for the options where you currently play. Many online casinos have started accepting Bitcoin for deposits.

If you haven’t started playing yet, pick a few of the trusted casinos I recommend elsewhere on the site to see if they offer it.

You can look in the cashier area once you sign up, look on the home page of the casino, or ask the support department if they take Bitcoin.

When you look on a casino web site, look at the bottom of the main screen as many casinos list popular deposit methods there. You can also look for the deposit link from the main page of most online casino web sites.

Is Playing Bitcoin Blackjack Different?

Playing blackjack online or on your mobile device is the same whether playing for Bitcoin or any other currency.

The currency is just a tool to track money in, money won or lost, and money out. The casino uses a software platform to run the games while you’re playing so the currency you’re currently using doesn’t have anything to do with game play.

It’s still fairly early in the history of casinos that only use Bitcoin, but most of the stand-alone ones don’t use software that I like as well as the main players in the market. At the time of writing I don’t know of any Microgaming, RTG, NetEnt, or other mainstream software companies that have a casino only accepting Bitcoins for deposits.

You can find casinos using almost any popular software package that accepts them along with other currencies, but not exclusively.

The reason I mention this isn’t to scare you away from any stand-alone options, but to suggest you spend a few extra minutes checking out the software and games of stand-alone options before making a deposit.

Why Use It?

The biggest advantage of using Bitcoin to play blackjack or other online casino games is the ability to do so without being forced to share information with the casino. Online casinos that accept other forms of currency require an account to play for real money, but if they accept crypto currency you won’t have to give them access to any of your financial accounts.

Many stand-alone online casinos that only accept Bitcoin let you deposit and play without giving them any personal information. At most of these casinos, every time you play you deposit and play and then withdrawal when you’re finished playing.

Another advantage is the speed of withdrawals. Most crypto currency withdrawals only take a few minutes while other options can take days or weeks.


While Bitcoin isn’t for everyone, it does offer some distinct advantages over other forms of payments and currencies. This is especially true if you want to gamble online anonymously.

When I have Bitcoins I pay close attention to the market because of the possibility of large fluctuations. Usually there isn’t much you can do during a large swing as they happen quickly, but I’m a bit old fashioned and don’t tend to keep much money invested in them.

With that being said, I’m not afraid to play Bitcoin blackjack as long as the casino offers a safe and trusted environment.

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