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Play FUN Three Dimensional Slot Games Online

Guess what – 3D isn’t just for movies anymore. Nowadays you can play 3D slots too – for real money or play money.

And you should. These games are a blast to play. They’re not like your standard 5-reel video slot machines. You’ll see some of the more noticeable differences in just a sec.

But first, let’s answer this question – where can you play 3D slots online? This is an important question to ask. And finding a 3D casino is the biggest challenge you face. Let me tell you why.

3D isn’t that common yet. Few software companies create or lease 3D games, therefore few casinos have them.

That means you can’t just signup anywhere and expect to find a selection of 3D slot titles.

Then mix in the facts that not every casino is legit, accepts players from your country and/or accepts your preferred banking options …and …you can have a real hell of a time finding a casino to join.

Things are getting better, though – and fast.

BetSoft – easily the best 3D software company – has been partnering with dozens of casinos over the last couple of years. So, so long as you stick to a top shelf casino there’s a good chance you’ll be able to play 3D slots.

Where to Play 3D Slots Online

And to save you the trouble of researching and reviewing casinos, here are our top picks for both US and non-US players.

Play the BEST 3D Slots at These Casinos

Americans – I suggest any casino powered by BetSoft. They (arguably) have the best 3D casino software. Some of the slot titles I suggest you play include:

  • Heist
  • Mad Scientist, and the sequel, Madder Scientist
  • Slotfather
  • Under the Bed
  • Rockstar
  • Tycoons

There are TONS more – nearly 4 dozen more.

For Non-Americans – I still recommend casinos powered by BetSoft. But if that’s not an option or you want to try something different, you should find a casino powered by NetEnt. The biggest difference between them and BetSoft is that NetEnt has licensed slot machines. Which means you can play titles like Aliens, Wizard of Oz, Frankenstein, and so on.

What Are The Biggest Differences Between 3D and Non-3D Slots?

Are you wondering what the big deal is? Thinking that there’s no way 3D slots can be that great?

Let’s see if I can’t change your mind. Here are the biggest differences I see between normal ::cough:: boring ::cough:: slots and the 3D variety.

1. The graphics really do POP off the screen.

Do me a favor and open the slot machine, Under the Bed, from BetSoft. Play a few rounds, and then come back – I’ll wait here.

What did you notice? I’ll tell you what I noticed.

That each reel had symbols that would dance around or jump off the reel – like it was coming at your face.

The animations popped off the screen too. Take the brother and sister, for example – they were clearly standing in front of the slot reels. And there was an instance where a monster came around the slot machine. He was clearly standing in front of the slot reels too.

But a normal slot machine – everything is flat. It’s no different than playing Super Mario Bros. And that’s so 1990.

1. 3D slots have animations.

Again, just look at Under the Bed. The two kinds on the side walk around, hug each other and go through a range of emotions including fear, sadness and happiness.

And then you have monsters that jump all over the slot machine or walk around it. I just played a few rounds now, and, you know what that monster did? He jumped on the boy’s head.

What 2D slot that you know of does that?

3. It’s like playing a video game.

Not so much when you’re just spinning the reels, but whenever you hit a bonus round. It’s a lot like playing a video game. You get to choose your outcome from rolling the dice to playing memory games to choosing which path to take your Jeep.

For example, in The Dark Knight slot there is a bonus round where – as the Batman – you race the Joker. You race down the freeway and along the way there are credits in the middle of the two lanes.

Your goal is to swipe the screen (offline, at least) to move the Batmobile over to the middle to collect the credits. Whoever collects the most (out of 5) will win the race and collect a bonus for winning.

Sounds fun, right? And it’s no different than most racing games you’ll find on today’s gaming platforms – minus the winning money aspect, of course.

Have I Convinced You Yet?

Then I recommend you check out one of our recommend 3D casinos above. You’ll find casinos that accept players from all over – including the USA – and you can play for both real money and for free.

So there’s no reason not to play a few 3D slots today. And a buck gets ten that once you do …you’ll be hooked.

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