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Play Your Favorite Slot Games From Anywhere in the World

I have this problem.

Too often I really, REALLY want to play my favorite slot game, but because I’m on someone else’s computer, or on my phone or tablet, I can’t download it. I have to wait until I get home (hours or days later) to play it.

At least I used to have this problem. That is, until I learned about no download slots.

No download slots – also known as instant play slots – are games you play from your browser. You don’t need to download anything to play. And you can play for real money or fake money – your choice.

I will admit that the first time I heard of these I laughed a little bit. I assumed they’d be slow, have few features and have graphics fit for the Atari.

After some convincing from a coworker I joined this casino that offered instant play slots. I found a free game to play (no sign up necessary) and played a few rounds.

You know what I found out?

I assumed wrong. These games kick ass.

I think you’ll agree. But the best way to know for sure is to check out one of these no download casinos. Each one has tens, if not hundreds of slot games to play.

Best Casinos For No Download Slots

9 Reasons Why You Should Check Out No Download Slots

Here are some specific reasons why you should check out one of the casinos above and play a no download game.

1. You don’t have to download anything. Obvious? Maybe. But what might not be so obvious is all the hard drive space and memory you’re going to save.

2. You’re not chained to one computer. I used to play slots from my desktop. What sucked about that is whenever I left town I couldn’t take my desktop with me. And there’s no way you want to download a casino to someone else’s computer. That’s an awkward conversation you don’t want to have.

But with no download casinos that’s no longer a problem. Just login from your browser and play. Then delete your browser history. Heh.

3. You can play from your phone or tablet. Many instant play casinos (especially those that use HTML5 programming) are mobile friendly. This comes in handy when your casino doesn’t have a native app to download.

4. You can play all your favorite slot games. You’re not going to miss out on anything if you don’t download the entire casino. You’ll be able to play the entire suite of games including 3D, progressive, video, classic, TV show, movie and game show slots.

Note – Some older casino’s no download selections are smaller than their download. But this applies mostly to their table games.

5. Banking is a cinch. There aren’t any hurdles to jump through when you’re ready to make a deposit or cash out your winnings. All you have to do is login through the casino’s website (from your browser) and you’ll have access to all their options including credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, checks, e-wallets, bank wires and more.

6. Test games before you download them. If you’re not sure whether you want to download a slot game, much less the entire casino, one idea is to test the no download version. Then download it if you like it.

7. No download slots casinos are Mac and Linux friendly. Most casinos (okay, okay – all of them) don’t have downloads for Mac or Linux operating systems. But that’s okay because – in most cases – Mac and Linux are compatible with Flash and Java, the tech game makers use for no download slots.

8. No registration necessary. Some no download casinos will let you play their slots for free without having to create an account or sign in. This is an even faster way to test a casino to see if you like it. This is also a quick way to kill time. AND this is a surefire way to avoid staying logged into your casino account if you happen to be playing from someone else’s computer.

9. You can play slots for free. Maybe you’re bored. Maybe you want to check the casino out before you make a deposit. Maybe you don’t have time to play for real money.

Whatever. The point is you can play no download slots for free.

And that just might be one of the best reasons to check them out right now.

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