Brazilian Online Gambling Guide: Legal Online Casinos, Laws & FAQ

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Our Guide to Brazilian Online Gambling

With more than 200 million residents, Brazil is the fifth most populated country on the planet. And despite a long-standing prohibition on almost all forms of gambling, Brazilians still love to bet on casino games, sporting contests, lotteries, and, increasingly, poker.

2021's Best Online Gambling Sites for Brazilian Players

We’ve listed our favorite casinos, sportsbooks and poker sites accepting players from Brazil below. Pick a site and start playing!

Brazil Gambling Laws

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Brazil Online Gambling

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Brazil Online Gambling FAQs

Brazil Online Gambling Laws

Today in Brazil, it is forbidden by federal law for Brazilian companies to take wagers online. However, a legal loophole allows casinos that are licensed internationally to offer their services to Brazilian citizens legally.

With no fear of legal repercussions, Brazil gamblers should focus on finding safe, licensed casinos at which to play.

Criminal Contravention Act of 1941

‘Games of chance’ are defined by Article 50 of Decree-Law 3,688/1941 (the Misdemeanour Law or Criminal Contravention Act) as:

a) a game in which winning or losing depends exclusively or principally on chance;

b) bets on horse races outside the racetrack or other authorised venues; and

c) bets on any other sport competition.

‘Public place’ is defined as:

a) a private house in which games of chance are held, when those who usually take part are not members of the family that lives at the house;

b) a hotel or collective residence where the guests or residents are offered games of chance;

c) the headquarters or premises of a company or association where games of chance are held; and

d) an establishment intended for the operation of games of chance, even if its purpose is disguised.

Games of chance are treated as misdemeanours, which are recognised by law as offences punishable by minor penalties (Article 61 of Law No. 9,099/95). In other words, a misdemeanour is a less offensive crime when compared to a criminal violation of Brazilian

Law Decree 204

In addition to Caixa, only the states that had their own lotteries running when Decree-Law No. 204 of 27 February 1967 was enacted are authorised to run their own lotteries.

Federal and state lottery operators (i.e., Caixa and the state’s equivalent entities) may contract suppliers by means of public procurement. There is not any specific licence requirement for these suppliers. The federal government is in the process of organising the public bid for privatisation of instantaneous lotteries (sweepstakes).

Brazilian Rules of Law

A legal loophole currently allows offshore operators to offer their gambling products to Brazilian citizens. This is set forth by Article 9, Paragraph 2 of the Law of Introduction to the Brazilian Rules of Law (Decree-Law No. 4,657 of 4 September 1942) and repeated in Article 435 of the Brazilian Civil Code.

So far, however, there have not been any attempts by the Brazilian government to bring any action against foreign operators.

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