Don Johnson Gambler Net Worth: All About the Blackjack King

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When people talk about advantage play at blackjack, at physical venues, or on online casino USA platforms, they are either referring to implementing a strategy chart or wagering patterns.

But what many not deep into the world of table game betting don’t understand, is that high-rollers in hot spots like Las Vegas and Atlantic City yield considerable power in the type of gambling fun they enjoy. They can mandate that operators feature specific rulesets that cater to their needs if they want them to play at their tables.

UFC’s president, Dana White, is a twenty-one heavy-hitter that famously mandates the stipulations in play at his tables. And in 2010, a gambler named Donald Johnson put this capability to use to attain a small fortune playing real money casino blackjack in Atlantic City.

He did this by forcing operators to give him a rebate on his losses and implement rulesets not commonly found in standard twenty-one games.

As a rule of thumb, live/RNG-powered online casino games for real money do not offer rule modifications in order to keep the game safe. Though, many land-based venues do, but mostly for high-rollers only.

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In the 2000s, Johnson managed the Parx Casino in Philadelphia.Who Is Don Johnson Exactly?

Born in Salem, Oregon, Don Johnson developed a passion for horse racing at a young age, with dreams of becoming a professional jockey. He had competed in amateur competitions as a teenager, but growing to a size of six feet one inch tall spoiled his plans of ever racing competitively.

In the 2000s, Johnson navigated to the management side of the horse racing industry by becoming the racetrack manager of the Philadelphia Park racecourse at age thirty. This venue morphed into the Parx Casino in 2009.

Before taking up this post, Donald was employed as a gaming regulator, so he knew all the ins and outs of the sector well.

His next move was opening a software company named Heritage Development in 2004, based in Wyoming, that delivered computer-assisted programs for horse race bettors. It was massively successful and is still active today.

His land-based and internet blackjack career began in 2001, snagging small-time casino bonus offers and playing recreationally, making bets of around $25 per hand. It was in 2010 that his stunning twenty-one run happened. It gets elaborated in the subheading that follows.

How Did Don Johnson Win $15M?

As likely everyone remembers, in 2008, a substantial financial crisis overtook the world, making gambling operators became desperate for high-roller play. Enter, Don Johnson, gambler extraordinaire.

The Oregon native managed to take advantage of the high-roller drought and negotiate with several gaming venues to accept him as a player on the grounds that they would refund 20% of his losses (if these exceed $500,000) and that their dealers would stay on soft seventeens, he would be able to re-split aces, the tables would use only six decks and incorporate other gameplay modifications.

With these rules in play, the house edge of his 3:2 payout blackjack games dropped to 0.263%. He had to provide a $1 million stake per game, theoretically risking only $400,000 with the 20% rebate, if he quit at the half a mill-mark.

Don Johnson beat Caesars casino for $4 million, the Borgata for $5 million, and the Tropicana for $6 million, all in Atlantic City. Once that happened, near the end of 2010, the Borgata and Tropicana instantly changed their provided rule privileges, stopping Johnson from bleeding them dry in the long term. Caesars’ casino effectively banned him from playing at their properties again.

Don Johnson’s Net Worth


According to multiple websites, Johnson’s current net worth hovers around $5 million.

What is Don Johnson’s (gambler) net worth? Don Johnson’s net worth is a reported $5 million.

It’s important to note net worth assumptions are educated guesses, and we have no insight into Don Johnson’s bank account or a detailed list of all of his assets — some list his network as little as $1 million.

It’s vital for people to understand that US citizens usually must pay a tax on gambling winnings. In New Jersey, it is 3%, one of the smallest in the US, which has a 24% flat federal gaming tax. So, Johnson did not keep his full $15 million. Moreover, over the years, it is likely that with investments going astray, the size of his bank’s tally lowered from where it was at the start of 2011.

5 Blackjack Tips

Casual players love slots because they feature rudimentary gameplay and exciting free spins round that are entirely chance-based. Veteran gamblers love blackjack because decision-making plays a role in round outcomes.

The five best pieces of advice a newcomer to twenty-one betting can receive are:

  • Memorize a strategy chart
  • Never split ten-value cards
  • Double down when the first two card total eleven
  • Split aces
  • Participate in rewards programs.

Online gamblers should seek to snag bonuses that provide hefty deposit matches or look to earn cash back through loyalty schemes. The latter option may provide refunds on losses of up to 25%, exceeding those that Don Johnson negotiated in Atlantic City.

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