Online Boxing Betting Guide Canada: How to Bet on Boxing & More

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How to bet on boxing online, you ask? We’re glad you did—The world of boxing loves betting (and placing bets—Mayweather anyone?), and it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where our team of experts come in. We’ve written a comprehensive, yet simple guide to learn how to bet on boxing online. Read on to understand betting types like moneyline wagers, over/unders or props, and learn how and where to bet on boxing online.

Our boxing betting guide covers:

  • Top Boxing Betting Sites
  • Online Boxing Betting Types
  • Recommended Online Boxing Betting Strategies
  • FAQ about how to bet on Boxing matches

Where to Bet on Boxing Online: Top Betting Sites for Canadian Players

Our experts have compiled a list of the industry’s best sites for Canadian players to bet on boxing bouts:

Online Boxing Betting Types

Boxing Moneylines

Boxing Moneylines

Bet on who will win the match

Wager on who you think will win the bet, based on favored odds from the oddsmaker.

boxing moneylines

When you are betting on boxing moneylines, you are betting on who you think will win the match. It’s always important that you remember to look at the symbol that comes before the boxing odds. A negative symbol will indicate the favourite, and a positive symbol will show the underdog. For example:

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. +225
  • Manny Pacquiao -275

You have Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao battling in a welterweight fight. Pacquiao is listed as the favourite at -275 for the match, while Mayweather Jr. would be the underdog at +225. If you want to bet on Manny, you would have to bet $275 to win $100. Meanwhile, with Floyd as the underdog, you would stand to win $225 on a bet of $100.

Over/Unders Betting in Boxing

Over/Unders Betting in Boxing

Typically, bet on how many rounds the fight goes

Also known as ‘round betting’, over/unders in boxing are usually to wager on how many rounds the match will last.

boxing over under rounds

For boxing betting, the over/under will normally have to do with the number of rounds that a match will go. Therefore, you might hear it referred to as “round betting”. Here, the sportsbook will set a total for the number of rounds a fight could go.

So, for the above example of Mayweather-Pacquiao, the total might be set at 9.5 rounds. You can bet on whether the bout will last over or under the number of rounds set by the online betting site. The winner of the actual match has nothing to do with the outcome of this bet.

Boxing Parlay Betting

Boxing Parlay Betting

Place multiple wagers on outcomes

More than one fight listed on the ticket? Bet on each event.

boxing parylay

Parlays are betting on multiple fights on one ticket. So, you might want to bet on the undercard that lead up to the main event as well as the big fight itself. But the key to parlay betting is that all of your bets have to be correct, or your ticket is done.

Prop Bets for Boxing

Prop Bets for Boxing

Prop bets are fun—Place bets on factors of a boxing match that don’t involve the match result.

Make fun bets on different aspects of the match

boxing prop bets

Props are bets that don’t necessarily have to do with the outcome of a match. The most popular boxing betting prop has to do with how the fight will end. So, for Mayweather-Pacquiao, you could see bets for whether the fight will end in a split decision, a unanimous decision, a majority decision, or a TKO/KO. You will often see a draw in the props section as well, as they are somewhat rare.

Method of Victory

Method of Victory

How the fight will be won

Bet on the method, or way, you think the boxer will win the match.

boxing method of victory bets

Method of victory betting is for people to wager on exactly the boxing match outcome—For example, whether the match ends with a straight knockout or disqualification.

Recommended Betting Strategies for Online Boxing Betting


Know your Fighting Styles

Are you familiar with boxers’ fighting styles? It’s a good start before you make an online boxing bet—Fighting styles include:

Pressure: Pressure boxers swarm their opponents without giving them time to breath. In theory, this pressures opponents to make mistakes.

Out-Fighter: Out-fighters want to stay on the outside, which means they’re within an arm’s reach of their opponent. Out-fighters usually favour jabs.

Counterpuncher: Counterpunchers try to lure opponents to reach for a punch—This is when they pounce.

Southpaw: A ‘Southpaw’ boxer refers to someone who favours their left-hand as their power hand. This fighting style is less common, which means less boxers are used to it. Be sure to note, there are boxers who favour both hands, and switch between right and left.

Tyson Fury flexes biceps while on scale at weigh in

Consistency is Key

Similar to UFC it’s important to take a look at the finer details, like fighting style when you place a wager, but there’s something to be said for consistency—That is, a consistent diet and training regime. Some fighters have a reputation for being strong boxers, yet inconsistent in their weight, health and training regime. It’s helpful to know, if possible, boxers and their coaches, if they meet their target weight goals, stats on their latest fights and if they’re competing against a newer, younger boxer or an underdog.

sportsbook odds board

Watch your Moneylines

Although nothing’s guaranteed (it’s called gambling for a reason) moneylines are your best bet (literally) to win real money. Boxing matches can have many outcomes, types of knockouts and more, so a moneyline bet keeps it simple. Be sure to note if the moneylines seem high, and bet on props or over/unders if you’re more confidant in the historical data.

Similar to our advice for the UFC, don’t just follow your heart—Follow the numbers. Stay up on statistics, who’s won their latest fights and even which promoter is putting on the match.

How to Bet on Boxing Online FAQs

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