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If you’re a fan of poker who is looking for a new card game to learn, then Teen Patti could be the online casino game for you! The three-card game originated in India and, along with rummy, remains one of the country’s favorite casino card games. Our beginner’s guide to Teen Patti will teach you how to play basics, rankings of the cards, how to win and some different variations of the original game.

This guide will help you with:

  • How to play Teen Patti online
  • What does play blind mean in Teen Patti?
  • What does play seen mean in Teen Patti?
  • Ways to win in Teen Patti
  • Teen Patti game variations

Where to Play Teen Patti Online

These are our favourite sites for Indian players to play Teen Patti online:

What is “Teen Patti”?

Also known as tri-card, Teen Patti is literally defined as “three cards” in Hindi and possesses many characteristics of poker and the English game three card brag. Only Indian rummy rivals Teen Patti, a.k.a. flash or flush, for India’s most beloved card game.

How to Play Teen Patti

The basic version of this game can be enjoyed by up to 10 players. Like in poker, there is a dealer and players are dealt cards clockwise. The objective of the game is to finish with the strongest hand or get your opponents to fold before the show. Teen Patti rankings of the card, strongest-to-weakest, are:

Hand Definition
Trio three cards of the same value (like three of a kind in poker) | Ace-Ace-Ace is the best trio, 2-2-2 is the weakest
Straight run three sequential cards of same suit (like a straight flush) | A-K-Q is the best followed by A-2-3 then K-Q-J
Normal run three sequential cards (like a straight)
Color three cards of the same suit (like a flush)
Pair two cards of the same value
High Card if nobody pairs in a show, high card wins | Ace-King-Queen is strongest, 4-3-2 is weakest

The Ante or Boot

Before the initial deal, each Teen patti player must toss in a minimum stake ante or, as it’s referred to in this game, a boot,. The dealer then deals out one card at a time, face down, until each player has three. Many versions then require an additional blind where either the dealer tosses in half of the boot’s stake or the player to the left of the dealer tosses in half of the boot and the player to left of them tosses in 2x time boot. This is similar to poker’s small and big blinds.

Each player can decide whether they want to play their hand blind or seen.

Play Blind

You decide to play your hand without looking at your cards. If you play blind, you must bet at least the current stake (even money) and at most double the current stake (2x current stake). A blind player may become a seen player at any point during a hand. Because a blind player is at a disadvantage, they’ll bet a lesser amount per round up until they decide to see their cards or fold.

Play Seen

You decide to play your hand by looking at your cards before betting. If you play seen, basic rules ask that you bet at least twice the current stake and at most four times the current stake, or twice as much as the blind player.

Teen Patti Sample Hand Example

Here’s a hand of Teen Patti in a few steps:

  1. Every player tosses a boot, or ante, into the pot.
  2. The dealer deals out one card at a time until each player has three cards face down.
  3. In most games, another blind stake is added to the pot.
  4. The game starts with the player to the left of the blind and that person can either play their hand “blind” or “seen”, which impacts the amount they can bet per round.
  5. A bet added to the pot is called “chaal” and no matter playing “blind” or “seen” must be at least equal to the previous player bet or 2x, 4x, 6x based on how you’re playing the hand.
  6. Betting rounds continue until either… everybody but one person folds and that person wins the entire pot OR two players remain and one requests a show.
  7. A seen player must pay for a show, which would be 2x or 4x the last chaal. The other player does not have to match this. Blind players can’t ask for a show.
  8. Cards are tossed on the table and the hand with the higher ranking wins the pot.

Ways to Win at Teen Patti


Strong Hand

You have a strong hand like a Queen-Queen-Queen trio and bet aggressively until every other player folds.


Big Bluffer

You don’t have a strong hand, but bluff you way through each betting round until every other play folds.

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Request A Show

You and one other player remain in a hand and one requests a show. Only a seen player can request a show and must pay 2x / 4x the previous player bet for it to occur. Note: if two players remain and nobody requests a show, the betting continues.

Teen Patti Game Variations

As is the case with many popular card games, there are variations of the original. This is no different with India’s Teen Patti, which offers several game variants from which to choose from and spice up your next game night.

Best of Four

Rather than the dealer give each player three cards to make the best hand, each player receives four cards of which they can take any three to make the strongest hand.


Like in poker, rankings of the cards are the opposite and low hand wins.

Wild Draw

After the initial deal, the dealer pulls one card out of the deck at random and each card of that same rank become wild cards. For example, if the dealer pulled out a King as the wild card of that round, everybody holding a King would have the opportunity to at least pair two of their three cards.

Bust Card Draw

After the initial deal, the dealer pulls one card out of the deck at random and each card of the same rank become bust cards. If any players hold a bust card, they must fold.

Kiss, Miss, Bliss

A unique Teen Patti game variation where two card pairings can turn into a single virtual wild card. The KISS is numerically sequential pair like 8, 9, the MISS is a pair of card that is missing the middle part of a sequence like 8, 10 and BLISS is a pair of cards with equal values, like 8, 8.

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