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Matt StevensonNovember 08, 2015
August 22, 2018

Joe McKeehen Crushes Opposition On First Day Of The 2015 WSOP

This week, the long wait for the November Nine has come to a close. The first day of the event began with Joe McKeehen in the lead, and fate was certainly shining on him throughout the five and a half hours of playtime. McKeehen managed to knock three players out of play, leaving himself with an overwhelming chip lead going into day two.

He first defeated Patrick Chan, who had begun the table with the second to last total chip count. During Chan’s final hand, he decided to go all in against McKeehen but luck was not with him. This losing hand forced him to turn all his chips over to McKeehen and Chan was removed from play at ninth place.

The next big hand was the 35th of the table. Frederico Butteroni decided to go all in with his chips on an Ace Jack. It turned out that McKeehen had a similar hand but with the Ace King. With the loss, Butteroni was knocked out of competition in the eighth position.

Now owning nearly 40 percent of all the chips in play, McKeehen could begin to play more confidently.  A while later during hand 72, Belgian Pierre Neuville took his turn at bat. With just 3 million chips left against McKeehen’s 90 million, he called all-in when McKeehen started the hand with a bid of 1.2 million. With an Ace Jack, he was looking good and about to double his chips, but it quickly took a turn for the worse when the Queen showed up on the turn and then a ten on the river. This gave McKeehen a flush with his Jack six hand, and it was all over for Pierre Neuville.

At the end of the day, McKeehen had a huge lead of 90 million chips, with Ofer Zvi Stern following at 32 million. The remaining four in play for day 2 are Neil Blumenfield (31.5m chips), Max Steinberg (16m chips), Joshua Beckley (10.8m Chips), and Thomas Cannuli (10.4m chips).

This means that each of these players is now guaranteed at least 1.426 million dollars in prize money, but each will still be trying hard to take first place.

Stay tuned for more updates on the WSOP and we’ll keep you up to date on how play goes for each of the three days. The 2015 WSOP is looking to be an interesting contest, so look forward to seeing who takes home the ultimate first place prize in poker, which comes with a hefty 7.683 million payout.


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