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TiffanyDecember 19, 2015
August 22, 2018

New White Paper Being Drafted To Weigh In On Topic of Online Gambling

The past few months have brought forth many questions on the topic of daily fantasy sports betting sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel. Many are unsure of how to treat these sites as they seem to be illegal gambling, yet are permitted through a loophole in the 2006 RAWA act.

In answer to this problem, Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chairman Stephen Crosby announced that his group would begin working on a white paper covering the issue of online gaming. The announcement, which happened on Thursday of last week, said that the white paper should be completed by the time legislation returns to formal sessions in mid-January.

According to Crosby, the white paper will be “a discussion of the issues involved in the possibility of regulating not only daily fantasy sports but all online, Internet-based electronic gaming technologies. However, we end up trying to get our arms around that whole world of gaming.”

Currently, many legislative leaders believe that the daily fantasy sports industry needs to be regulated, yet nobody is sure of how this should be done. Multiple individuals are believed to be working on proposals with possible solutions, but only one has been brought forward so far. This is a consumer protection regulation that was penned by Attorney General Maura Healey. It would cover regulations for all fantasy sports topics including a prohibition on players under 21 as well as a ban on fantasy games based on college or amateur events. Healey’s proposal is scheduled for a public hearing on January 12.

While many look forward to the proposal, this white paper, which should be completed between Christmas and New Year’s Day, should help educate people on what exactly is going on behind the scenes within the daily fantasy sports industry. This will assist in making future legislative proposals that are better-educated and have a higher chance of being passed into law.

Stephen Crosby believes that the commission’s paper is an interesting project that will help many other states as they watch Massachusetts begin to plot a course in the world of daily fantasy sports gambling.

Crosby believes that “The Commonwealth, led first by the attorney general and now with the Legislature and us, is taking a fairly deliberate approach to this, and other jurisdictions that are wrestling with this issue are hoping to see if we can come up with something interesting and useful and possibly extrapolatable to other venues.”

While it is unsure what the end results will be, at this point every bit of information that is made available will be helpful as states across America begin to wrestle with the growing problem of daily fantasy sports betting sites.

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