Every gambling enthusiast dreams about turning a few bucks into life-changing fortune, then walking into work the next morning to tender their resignation in style.

For most folks, that scenario remains a pipe dream at best, but for U.K. resident Jason Mandara a few online slot spins in his spare time turned into a dream come true.

Last week, Mandara – a 30-year old father of three from Bedworth, Warwickshire in England – found himself dropping off the youngsters at school after finishing a graveyard shift at his local Tesco supermarket. After seeing the little ones off to class, Mandara decided to kill some time by firing up his Betfred online casino mobile app for a quick session on the MegaJackpots Cleopatra slots.

Journey to Jackpot Glory Begins with Online Casino App

After placing a £6 bet on the popular MegaJackpots Cleopatra slot game, Jason Mandara watched the screen line up perfectly with five “wild” symbols along the center reel. Just like that, the lucky winner triggered the MegaJackpots Cleopatra progressive jackpot payout for a massive £1,305,269 payday.

In an interview given to the Betfred Blog, an ecstatic Mandara described his jackpot winning moment in great detail:

“I had a spare five minutes in my van after getting to the school to pick up the kids. I felt lucky so had a go on the slots because I could see that a £1.3million jackpot was up for grabs.

I was panicking at first when I’d won that much and kept it to myself. I went to bed early because I was so tired after my shift and when I woke up, I noticed that I had a call from Betfred verifying that I had indeed won.

I can’t believe what has happened. I kept it quiet at first because I wanted to be sure. Well, I feel more than fine now I can tell you!”

Mr. Mandara also explained exactly how it felt to see his bank account suddenly tick up into the “seven-figures”

“It’s amazing that all that money is now in my account … and from just a £6 bet!

I’ve not had a chance to properly celebrate yet because it’s only just happened and so many things are changing for the better.”

Spinning His Way from Shelf-Stocker to Instant Millionaire

Shortly after confirming that he had indeed claimed the seven-figure score, Jason Mandara headed into his Tesco store to spread the good news – and to quit his job on the spot.

Here’s how he described that potentially awkward conversation with his former employer:

“I’ve worked at Tesco for 12 years since I was 18, earning £1,300-a-month stacking shelves as an assistant at the Bedworth store.

I told my boss I was leaving and he wanted to know why – to which I answered that I’d just become a millionaire.

He didn’t believe me, just like everyone else, but I still handed my notice in.”

In the company’s press release, Betfred founder and billionaire Fred Done congratulated Mandara on the spectacular online slot jackpot:

“To paraphrase Tesco’s slogan, Jason has obviously found that his little £6 bet has helped him rather a lot!

The Bonus King and the Egyptian Queen have got together to make Jason a millionaire – and all for the price of less than a few pints of beer.

As for that resignation line to his boss … absolutely priceless!”

Mandara also made it clear in his interview with the Betfred Blog that, while he wouldn’t be working for minimum wage any longer, he had no plans to enter an early retirement:

“I’m still going to work of course, but just not at Tesco.

I’m going to set up a roofing business which is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Among his other plans for the more than a million-pound windfall, Jason Mandara hopes to purchase a new home for his family, upgrade their automobile, and treat his kiddos to a Christmas they won’t soon forget.

Jonathan Zaun

One of Gamble Online's first dedicated reporters, Jonathan has spent well over a decade reporting on the gaming industry. While breaking legal news is his main area of expertise, Jonathan is an avid blackjack player & strategist who follows professional poker closely.

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