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  • Arizona bill would allow tribes to open more casinos
  • The Proposal would also see sports teams operate betting sites

Want to bet on sports in Arizona? Well, legalized sports betting might not be on the table in time for the Super Bowl LV, but there’s a deal on the table that could allow people to bet on professional and college-level sports teams, at tribal casinos and designated betting sites owned by pro sports teams. This is part of a proposal which is an update to the state’s current deal that allows Native American tribes to operate casinos.

Despite the Tribe’s protection of their rights to gambling activities in Arizona (particularly after the gaming compact introduced in 2002), this deal is a win for them, too — Tribes will be allowed to build new casinos (though we don’t have details on the exact number they’ll be allowed to build), plus, they’ll be allowed to offer more games like baccarat and craps. Currently, most tribal casinos offer poker, blackjack, and slot machines. The proposed plan would also give tribes 10 licenses, and the ability to run sports books at 24 tribal casinos.

What about those ‘designated betting sites’? 10 licenses will be given to sports, which could include a range of sports from NASCAR to PGA golf. The plan will also allow for Arizona teams in professional leagues like the Cardinals, Diamondbacks, and Coyotes to operate betting operations at their home venues, or a retail spot that’s within a quarter mile of their facility — or online.

Arizona Coyotes' Tyler Pitlick

Want to bet with the Arizona Coyotes? A betting site could be right around the corner.

Luckily, for those who prefer online gaming, this bill would allow people to place wagers online, too—sites like DraftKings would be able to offer their services in the state, as the proposal supports the introduction of fantasy sports gambling operations that meet their standards.

The proposal was introduced on Monday, by R-Jeff Weninger of Chandler will also allow online betting, fantasy sports betting, and keno games at specific locations, like American Legions. The proposal itself has been anticipated in the state for a few months now, particularly since R-Governor Doug Ducey said, “an opportunity for a modernized gaming compact that will bring in more revenue for our tribal nations and our state budget.”

Many states have rushed to legalize sports betting in the wake of loss tax revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Will the proposed deal between the state and tribal casinos do this? Yes, says Weninger. “With that comes tax revenue without raising taxes, and allows us to keep our tax rates low.” During the 2020 fiscal year, tribal gaming brought in almost $2 billion in revenue, with $102 million going to the state and $13 million going to the city.

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