Online casino players seeking the next new experience in gaming were accidentally treated to an insight into the Atari Casino metaverse this week when a company employee “screwed up” and launched the platform.

Atari’s cryptocurrency casino is expected to be one of the biggest online casino platforms in the world when it gets up and running.

We’ve been waiting for an announcement from the gaming giant for some time and it initially appeared as though users were being granted a sneak peek behind the curtain with the ‘soft launch’ of Atari Casino.

But after BitCasinoRank logged into their previously dormant account and began exploring the the new metaverse, it became apparent that something wasn’t quite right.

“Everything will look much better” than the screenshots BCR took when using their avatar to ‘walk’ through the virtual casino landscape.

After tweeting about the site being live, an Atari employee got back to BCR and said: “Well…  it wasn’t supposed to be up / open yet- so somebody screwed up, but yea- it is real.”

What Is The Atari Casino?

Whether the accidental launch of the Atari Casino revealed exactly how the platform will look, or whether it is simply a Beta version for developers, we will have to wait and see.

However, it is expected that the virtual casino will offer a more ‘polished’ product than what was glimpsed earlier this week.

The Atari Casino will use cryptocurrency for players to enjoy online casino games across its virtual world. There will also be non-fungible tokens (NFTs) available to trade within the platform itself.

Account holders will be able to create playable characters who walk around the world and interact with games.

Players will not only need a username and password to access their account but also a crypto wallet. Notably, a $100 fee is also applicable on deposits. Players will then be able to buy Atari Tokens to play for real money on casino games.

As for the NFTs, these cover everything from unique clothing for individual characters, to virtual apartments that can be ‘bought’ overlooking the virtual world. 

What Is In The Atari Casino?

Apart form the NFT stand, the biggest draw for players is the casino itself. The rudimentary version of this casino witnessed by BCR features classic casino games such as blackjack and roulette. There is also a hoard of slot machines available to play, while Atari games will also supposedly be situated in the casino ‘floor’.

Outside of the casino an NFT Mall – currently empty – is likely to be the place where players can explore further purchase options.

Atari Casino review
An Atari Casino review off the back of this version may not be too favorable (Photo: BCR)

Analysis: What Is The Point Of The Atari Casino?

Creating a virtual world where cryptocurrency is used to buy NFTs and gamble on casino games is not exactly a common form of entreatment to most Americans.

But there is evidently an appetite for these metaverses. Gamers have for years enjoyed playing in virtual worlds – whether it’s The Sims or COD.

Developers have been working on ways to introduce NFTs and effectively more long-lasting revenue streams to games for years. Additional packs and add-ons are now common in the world’s most popular computer games.

The rise of cryptocurrency and the relaxation of gambling laws in the United States means a gaming company – such as Atari – was always going to push a crypto casino in the metaverse.

But will players stay loyal to it? A promotional video for Atari Casino featured a much-glossier world than the low-graphic, dated one BCR accessed. What’s more, the company has already scrapped plans for a land-based Las Vegas Atari Casino.

Whether it succeeds here could rest on delivering on high expectations. And in an industry where tech is constantly evolving, there is no room for error.

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