We’ve all been in a scenario where we’re stuck for what to get someone for Christmas (or Hannukah), and whether you’re here because you like trying your luck online, or you’re looking for that special something for the casino lover on your list, we’ve got you covered with 10 gift ideas big and small.

Here are our top 10 gift picks for the gambler in your life.


1) Roulette Shot Game — A classic

Not just for college parties, with staying at home more prevalent than ever, we could all use a little fun—and even better if a few drinks are involved. We love this classic roulette shot game, sure to bring you fun when you’re cooped up over the holidays.

roulette shot drinking game

If you don’t drink, try mixing it up by introducing ‘weird’ foods to try instead of a shot, like olives in gelatin, or pickled eggs.


2) Limited Edition Balm Dotcalm Roulette

For the person in your life who hates chapped lips and loves table games, there’s the Glossier Balm Dotcalm roulette pack. Try your luck and get 3 of their fragrant & moisturizing lip balms—The catch? You don’t know which 3 you’ll get.


3) Electronic Slot Game

Land-based casinos aren’t for everyone right now, particularly as Covid-19 increasingly keeps us indoors — if online slots don’t scratch your slot itch, try a handheld slot game (where you can even make wagers). Close your eyes, get a drink — it’s almost like you’re really there.


4) Bring the Casino Home

Enhance your next game of Texas Hold’em poker or blackjack with a brand new set of chips, never worry about a spilt beer with waterproof cards, or pick up a keno game to bring a specialty game straight to your living room table.


5) Casino (1995) Poster

What better to spruce that den up for poker night than a poster from a classic gambling movie like Casino? This is a unique gift, that’s especially nice to have on the wall at your next game night.

casino 1995 movie poster

6) Casino Night

If you’re optimistic and think they’ll be open soon, consider planning a night to your favorite local casino, or, if you’re local, Las Vegas.

With the Coronavirus pandemic you might not feel like you’re getting the most ‘bang for your buck’, but if you have money to spare and want something to look forward to, you might want to splash out for this.


7) Card Protector / Card Guards

Maybe it’ll be the gambler in your life’s new lucky charm, but try buying the player in your life a new card protector. Poker table regulars often have some sort of card protector or coin they use to hold their cards down or protect them at the table, and a number are available on Amazon and eBay. Try getting something in red for a little extra luck — it couldn’t hurt.


8) Casino Décor

We already covered the fact that casinos are closed – what if you brought the casino to you? There are a number of casino-themed t-shirts, signs, bottle openers, and even socks available to adorn yourself, and your home.

If Granpda is Missing, Check the Casino sign


9) Gambling books — Doyle Brunson’s Super System, by Doyle Brunson

There are many gambling books out there, and if poker’s not their game (or they’re not a Brunson fan) there are a number of other great books that involve strategies, biographies, and history to choose from.

doyle brunsons super system book

Try ‘The Dark Side of the Felt’ by Tyler Nals for tales of what underground poker games are really like, Doyle Brunson’s Super System by Doyle Brunson for tips from a noted poker pro (this is said by some to be the ‘poker bible’), or The Gambler by Dostoyevsky for a classic fictional portrayal gambler Ivanovich & his losses.

Did you know Dostoyevsky wrote The Gambler to pay off his own gambling debts?





10) An Online Casino Membership

Why not get the gambling enthusiast in your life some playing time at your favorite online casino? They get to play their favorite games, and you don’t need to step foot in a store or post office.

Check out our casino reviews to discover the best casino experience to gift someone (or yourself—we don’t judge).

Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor is a card game enthusiast who you can find checking out the latest themed online casino games or sports betting trends. When she’s not writing about what’s new in the gambling world and industry (both online and on land), you can find her watching the NBA and looking up assorted player facts. (Did you know Lebron snacks on apples and almond butter everyday?)

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