Hot stove season has largely ended, Spring Training has arrived, and with 30 squads currently suiting up for Cactus and Grapefruit League games, Major League Baseball (MLB) is officially back in action.

Accordingly, baseball bettors are beginning to size up season win totals for all 30 MLB teams.

Assessing win totals on the diamond can be notoriously difficult, however, as shown by last year’s final standings.

Two teams that managed to win more than 100 games last year – the Los Angeles Dodgers (104) and Houston Astros (101) – squared off in a truly epic seven-gamer to decide the World Series. But before the 2017 campaign was underway, preseason touts tabbed the Dodgers to win 91.5 games, and the Astros only 87.5 – a combined whiff of 26 games.

Meanwhile, the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants were expected to contend at 89.5 and 87.5 wins, respectively. Instead, the Mets could only scrape together a 70-92 season, while the Giants tied for the worst record in baseball at 64-98.

Despite last year’s unpredictability, online sportsbook Bovada played it safe when calculating win totals for 2018.

The defending World Series champion Astros top the American League (AL) table at 96.5 wins, while the Dodgers lead the National League (NL) with a 96.5-win expectation.

And the teams they defeated in the League Championship series – the New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs, respectively – are next up at 94.5 wins each.

In fact, the eight teams that reached the divisional round of last year’s postseason hold the top-four win totals in their respective leagues. The Cleveland Indians (94.5) and Boston Red Sox (91.5) round out the top AL contenders, while the Washington Nationals and Arizona Diamondbacks (85.5) complete the NL’s fearsome foursome.

Offseason acquisitions were scarce this winter, but the big bats were signed by AL East powerhouses.

After adding Giancarlo Stanton and his NL-leading 59 home runs to a lineup that already featured AL-leader Aaron Judge (52), the Bronx Bombers will live up to the name with the most powerful 3-4 punch in baseball.

The ‘Stros surged to their first World Series title on the strength of their pitching staff, led by aces Justin Verlander and Dallas Keuchel. But with the Yankees brandishing a loaded lineup, Houston bolstered their rotation by trading for Pittsburgh Pirates ace and former all-star Gerrit Cole.

And following an extended negotiation, the Red Sox finally bagged their most coveted free agent by signing slugger J.D. Martinez away from the Diamondbacks. The man they call “Just Dingers” only appeared in 116 games last season, but he went yard 49 times while playing for the Tigers and D-Backs.

It’s a different story over in the NL, where the Dodgers let starter Yu Darvish walk and sign with the Cubs, who seem to be replacing former ace, and as yet unsigned free agent, Jake Arrieta.

For a full look at win totals and Over/Under odds for all 30 teams in MLB, take a look below:

2018 AL Win Totals

Team Win Total Over Under
Houston Astros 96.5 -130 EVEN
Cleveland Indians 94.5 -125 -105
New York Yankees 94.5 -120 -110
Boston Red Sox 91.5 -150 +120
Los Angeles Angels 84.5 -145 +115
Minnesota Twins 82.5 -150 +120
Seattle Mariners 81.5 -125 -105
Toronto Blue Jays 81 -125 -105
Tampa Bay Rays 77.5 +195 -250
Texas Rangers 77.5 +125 -155
Oakland Athletics 74.5 -125 -105
Baltimore Orioles 73 -105 -125
Kansas City Royals 71.5 +110 -140
Detroit Tigers 68.5 +125 -155
Chicago White Sox 68 -200 +160

2018 NL Win Totals

Team Win Total Over Under
Los Angeles Dodgers 96.5 +120 -150
Chicago Cubs 94.5 EVEN -130
Washington Nationals 92.5 -145 +115
Arizona Diamondbacks 85.5 EVEN -130
St. Louis Cardinals 85.5 -135 +105
Milwaukee Brewers 84.5 -125 -105
Colorado Rockies 82 -125 -105
San Francisco Giants 81.5 -200 +160
New York Mets 81 -155 +125
Philadelphia Phillies 75.5 -165 +135
Atlanta Braves 74.5 -150 +120
Cincinnati Reds 73.5 -155 +125
Pittsburgh Pirates 73 -120 -110
San Diego Padres 69.5 -175 +145
Miami Marlins 64.5 +110 -140


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