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All eyes on her, just like a circus—Even if you haven’t been following the unique space that’s Britney Spears’ Instagram, listened to podcasts covering her social posts and legal issues, or even read about her conservatorship news in the true crime community, in 2021 it’s impossible to ignore the chaos swirling around Spears’ personal and professional life.

The New York Times produced documentary, Framing Britney, not only underscored the tempestuous relationship between Britney, the media, and popular culture at large, but the unique legal entanglement she’s caught in—a conservatorship with her father, Jamie Spears, at the helm.

In 2019, Jamie Spears stepped down as conservator of her person, appointing Jodi Montgomery to step-in as a temporary replacement, while Jamie Spears remained in-charge over her finances & career.

The latest ruling, covered in the documentary, kept her father, Jamie, as conservator over her finances, but also ruled that her financial institution of choice, the Bessemer Trust, be added as co-conservator.

So, what are the odds that her father will be removed from her conservatorship in 2021?


Odds: Will Britney Spears Be Released From Her Conservatorship in 2021?

Yes +225
No -350

Odds via Bovada. Updated March 3, 2021.

While it could be unlikely that her father is entirely removed, the case has also never had this much attention before—Spears reportedly requested that certain parts of her conservatorship remain public, with filed court documents saying she “Welcomes and appreciates the informed support of her many fans.”

Her brother even spoke to the podcast, As NOT Seen on TV, saying about the conservatorship that “She’s always wanted to get out of it.”

A renewed interest on the stars’ well-being, public legal filings, and her ability to express her dissatisfaction openly, might bring some transparency that offers Spear’s more control over who controls her.

Framing Britney Documentary: Who, What & Where to Watch,

Framing Britney is directed by Samantha Stark and presented by the New York Times, and originally aired as installments on hulu. The documentary not only covers the #FreeBritney movement and recent resurgence in popularity, but also covers her 20-year-long career as one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

You can stream the New York Times Documentary Framing Britney on hulu, or watch on FX with a cable subscription.

What is a Conservatorship?

You might be reading all of this and wonder, what even is a conservatorship? At its core, a conservatorship allows someone to take legal guardianship over another adult. Typically, this legal arrangement is reserved for people with physical and mental limitations that have trouble, or are unable to make a range of decisions for themselves.

Britney Spear’s legal arrangement happened after she was paced on a 5150 hold in 2008 and placed in psychiatric care, when a Superior Court placed her estate under a temporary conservatorship with her father in control of her estate. Despite trying to attain her own legal counsel, the court ruled she didn’t have the capacity to make that decision.


However, Spear’s highly-publicized mental health issues haven’t been at the forefront of popular culture like they were in ’07 and ’08, and it’s rare that someone deemed unfit to make their own personal and professional decisions can also maintain perfume lines, Las Vegas residencies and media obligations like Spears has done under the duration of the conservatorship.

Although it’s rare for someone under a conservatorship to get out of this, Britney Spear’s situation is undeniably unique, making her father’s removal a possibility—Yes, a possibility you can even bet on.

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