As the Covid-19 pandemic ranges on, countries and their citizens are all handling the coronavirus in their own way, leading to different levels of severity, and different degrees of infection across nations. Now, as most people know, the Canadian border is closed to US citizens for recreational or non-essential travel—And of course, there are futures for that.

We take a look at the odds for when Canada will open its land border to US citizens, and, if they’ll open the border before September 21. Read on for the Canada-USA border odds.

Canadian-US Border Odds

Despite the Canadian government’s rules in place to prevent potential Covid-19 carriers from crossing the border, thousands of Americans have tried to enter Canada for shopping, travel and other non-essential activities.

According to CTV and Canada Border Services Agency, 12,819 US citizens have been turned away at the Canadian border from March 22 to August 5. According to an infographic shared by CTV, 682 have tried to enter for non-essential shopping, 1,633 for recreation, 3,658 for tourism & sightseeing and 6,846 for ‘other reasons’—Despite the rulings, there seems to be no shortage of visitors.

With this in mind, like most countries, summer is one of Canada’s strongest months for tourism and hospitality, so it would be reasonable to think they’d continue to close their border as Summer turns to a close. However, Autumn is also a popular month for tourism in Canada, so it’s unlikely they’d make the decision to open the border after peak season, but during their harshest months.

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Odds: Will Canada Open its Land Border to US Citizens on September 21, 2020?

On or After December 21, 2020 -240
Before December 21, 2020 +175

The odds suggest Canada won’t reopen until at least December 21—This isn’t surprising, especially considering they extended the border closure through the summer months.

Members of U.S. congress has suggested a phased plan to reopen the border, however, with over 5million Covid cases in the USA versus Canada’s 122K.

Odds: When will Canada Open Its Land Border to US Citizens?

No -400
Yes +275

Again, the odds suggest that Canada will not open their land border to US citizens anytime soon. Another thing that would make this transition tricky, are the provinces themselves. Each province has different standards surrounding travel and Covid-19. For example, right now the Atlantic provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI) allow travel within each other, while anyone coming from a different province must self-isolate for 14 days.

Canada-USA Border Odds via Bovada.

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