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  • Sheldon Adelson, Las Vegas Sands Corp. founder passes at 87
  • NHL star Evander Kane files for bankruptcy
  • Woman leaves daughter in Wynn Las Vegas bathroom

This week’s casino news starts off on a sad note. One of the biggest casino moguls in the world has sadly passed away.

Sheldon Adelson Passes Away At Age 87

It was a sad week in the casino world as Las Vegas Sands Corp. founder Sheldon Adelson has passed away at age 87. In the end, there were complications due to his treatment in his battle with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Adelson first started his career by founding and developing COMDEX, one of the biggest trade shows in the world at the time. He ended up selling that industry in 1995, which was able to get him around $500 million. He then decided to branch out into the casino industry by purchasing the Sands Hotel and Casino for over $100 million. Shortly after, he transformed it into Las Vegas Sands Corp and then really started to build out the brand. He expanded his new company into Las Vegas, building the Sands Expo and Convention Center and put up The Venetian and later Palazzo, which was the hottest spot on The Strip for a long time.

Adelson had long been an opponent of online gaming but he has always been one of the key figures in the gambling world, helping the land-based version of the pastime grow. He was instrumental in the growth of the Las Vegas Strip and will be sorely missed.

NHL Star Hurt By Gambling Debt

Some shocking news was shared this past week when San Jose Sharks star forward Evander Kane filed for bankruptcy. The shocking announcement came as he claimed around $1.5 million in gambling debts as part of the problem in his filing. What’s bizarre is that Kane is entering the fourth year of his seven-year contract with the Sharks for $49 million and while gambling is a big part of the issue, it’s just a sliver of the $26.8 million worth of debt he’s racked up.

In just this past year, Kane has lost nearly $1.5 million in gambling throughout multiple casinos in the San Jose area. On top of that, he was facing a lawsuit from Cosmopolitan Las Vegas after reportedly owing the property $500,000. The property claims that Kane had repeatedly taken out markers worth $20-$100 thousand during the month of April.

That lawsuit ended up getting dropped during April of 2020 (likely because of a settlement) but Kane hasn’t stopped gambling. Originally, he had been thinking about opting out of the NHL season in order to stay safe from the pandemic as well as take care of his newborn son but he later changed his mind. Opting out would have been a decision that would have been very costly for a man who can’t really afford it.

wynn casino & resort las vegas

The Wynn Casino & Resort, Las Vegas.

Woman Leaves Daughter In Las Vegas Casino Restroom

Las Vegas authorities were confused when they came upon a three-year-old girl that was left abandoned in a casino on The Strip. Apparently, the mother that left her child unattended is Miriam Ramos and the authorities are reportedly still searching for her. The incident happened at the Wynn Las Vegas back on December 29th, with Ramos being considered a regular at the establishment.

Ramos had been seen on camera escorting her daughter around the Fashion Show mall before going across the street and into the Wynn casino. She then left her daughter in the bathroom alone and disappeared herself.

A local cab driver stated that she was asking where the nearest shelter was just hours before leaving her at the Wynn. The driver also said that Ramos was carrying a few suitcases as well. Luckily, the girl was not harmed in any way and she has moved in the Clark County Child Protective Services.

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