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  • Some Las Vegas Strip Casinos Set To Re-open Hotel Operations
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  • Committee Endorses North Dakota Sports Betting Bill

Want to digest the latest casino news in bite-sized form? You’re in luck—This week, we look at the latest casinos to re-open, legal news and how Crown Casino’s bid for a license has developed.

Read on for the most latest and most important casino news, summarized.

Four Las Vegas Strip Casinos Set To Resume Hotel Operations

We begin with sunny news from The Strip as a number of casinos are moving back to full-time hours, which is great news for tourists who want to visit.

COVID-19 has obviously rocked the Las Vegas Strip, but it seems that they’re trying to get things back to normal a little bit. It’s been announced that Mandalay Bay, The Mirage and Park MGM will revert back to their 24/7 hotel operations on March 3rd.

This was announced shortly after Gov. Steve Sisolak stated that he will slowly begin to ease the casino capacity restrictions in the future. Most casinos have moved up to 35 percent capacity after operating at 25 percent for the last few weeks, and this is expected to rise to 50 percent on March 15th.

MGM CEO Bill Hornbuckle remains optimistic about the recovery that is happening in Las Vegas, which is allowing him to bring some more employees back to work and slowly attempt to return things to normal.

The Caesars owned property Planet Hollywood is also scheduled to reverted back to 24/7 hours on Thursday, March 4, so they are already ahead of the crowd.

Meanwhile the Las Vegas Sands Corp. shut down the Palazzo resort and has no plans to change its policy anytime soon. They remain concerned that there could be a third wave with the coronavirus, and they don’t want to another false start where they reopen for a short period, and are then forced to close down.

Australian Regulators Claim That Crown Casino Is Unfit For A Gaming License

The Crown Casino in Australian has been hit hard this week. This is clearly not what they were hoping to hear as Australian gaming regulators have now stated that the Crown Casino is unfit to hold a gaming license. This statement was released less than a week ago after regulators found money laundering and governance issues with the casino. If the casino wants to hold onto its license, they are going to have to undergo a full audit to fix their problems. Of course, casinos are ripe for money laundering but this one appears to have been knee-deep in the practice.

CEO Ken Barton has stepped down after the regulator’s findings as he was reportedly facilitating the money laundering – among other things. He wasn’t been the only employee to step down within the casino as three other lead directors have resigned as well.

However, Barton won’t be going broke anytime soon. He could leave the company with about $60 million if a few things fall his way.

mgm ceo bill hornbuckle stands behind covid partition at blackjack table

Bill Hornbuckle, CEO and president of MGM Resorts International, stands behind acrylic partitions at a craps table.

Committee Endorses North Dakota Sports Betting Bill

In just a few weeks’ time, we’ll find out if North Dakota will be joining the growing number of states that have legalized sports betting. A bipartisan House committee had endorsed the new bill, with it expected to reach the ballot in 2022. When it was first created, it had allowed residents of the state to gamble on both professional and college sports, although that is not the case anymore. Bettors will not be able to wager on any college sports.

If the House approves the bill anyways, it will make its way over to the Senate. If it can pass there as well, it will reach the Governor’s desk for the final step.

If this bill happens to burn out in either of those chambers, the residents of North Dakota would be able to get it placed onto the ballot with an initiated measure. That is how sports betting and casino gaming have been legalized in the state of Nebraska, so we could see a similar outcome here.

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