Hitting a huge jackpot or win is something that many bettors hope for but what one did after his huge hit is what will surprise you. We’ll start there as we recap the weekly headlines.

Thai Monk Hits Lottery, Gives It All Away

Most people dream about winning large amounts of money, along with the fantasies of what to spend it on. Whether it is expensive cars, long vacations, or lavish shopping sprees. One recent big winner had different plans for his big score.

thai monk praying
A Thai monk donated $45,000 of lottery winnings in just one week.

A Thai Monk, who won a huge sum of money after winning the lottery, has decided to give it all away. The man was able to win $500,000 after he decided to purchase three lottery tickets with the goal of not taking any money from the winnings – if he won. His main plan was to help out a local lottery vendor that was struggling financially. As it turns out, this proved to be a win-win-win situation.

To the monk’s surprise, he walked away with that ridiculous amount of money. He knew how helpful he could be if he just gave it all away, so he did just that. He donated to local schools, his temple, and other civic organizations that he could. In total, he donated $45,000 in just a single week. Shortly after, he started handing out money to people individually. It got so popular that he had to reduce the amounts a small bit after giving away $15,000.

As he continued to donate all of the money away, local police had to show up on the scene because the crowds were piling in. There were people grouping up so much that worries were starting to creep up about things getting too wild.

Sportsbooks In South Dakota Receive Fines

Legalized sportsbooks need to follow the rules that regulators put in place. In this case, a handful of sportsbooks in South Dakota didn’t do that and are going to suffer financial fines as a result. The South Dakota Commission on Gaming handed out levies to two casinos and an internet sports betting provider, each getting docked with $3,000 fines.

Mustang Sally’s, Golde Dust Hotel and Casino, and Internet Sports International were the three groups hit with this infraction. According to a report, they wall fielded bets on a team that was in-state.

It was stated that all three bets were taken on the SDSU basketball team. They were a squad that competed in the NCAA March Madness Tournament, losing in the first round to the No. 4 seeded Providence. Many bettors are still pushing to have sports betting available for their local teams but as of now, many gaming commissions block betting on local teams and schools.

Italy’s Online Casino Market Stumbles In February

The online casino market in Italy has improved so much over the years, that even an underwhelming month shows signs of improvement. At the end of January, it was reported that $358.8 million was brought in as gaming revenue in Italy. It was the highest mark they had ever had. This past February, they brought in just $163.3 million. This would represent a large 22.3 percent drop month-over-month. However, this drop was still better when compared to February of 2021.

Sports betting could be a reason why the revenue dipped a little. They recorded revenue of $226.03 million, a three percent decline when compared to January. Although, sports betting was only getting $187.71 million in February of 2021.

Help could be on the way for Italy’s market as well. Microgaming is planning on adding more content to its portfolio after reaching an agreement with Oryx Gaming recently.

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