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  • Kansas Aiming For Sports Betting Launch Around Start Of Upcoming NFL Season
  • Bar Meet-Up Leads To Theft At Casino For $90K
  • Slots Player In North Dakota Wins $1.6 Million

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This week’s casino news starts off in the state of Kansas where sports betting is finally set to arrive. Will it get going before the Kansas City Chiefs kick off their season, though?

Kansas Aiming For Sports Betting Launch Around Start

Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead sports betting

Four A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft from Whiteman Air Force base fly over Arrowhead Stadium before the start of the NFL AFC Championship football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday, Jan. 30, 2022 in Kansas City, Mo.. (AP Photos/Reed Hoffmann)

Of Upcoming NFL Season

It seems like Kansas is trying to launch their sports betting market at the perfect time: football season. The state just signed a sports betting bill that recently went into effect at the start of July. It looks like they are aiming to launch the market right at the same time that the Kansas City Chiefs and the rest of the NFL gets going.

Kansas still has more hoops to jump through anyways before sports betting officially comes around in the first place. They are currently getting sued by Boyd Gaming. Boyd Gaming is choosing to not just sue the state, but sue the Kansas lottery along with the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission. Maybe these issues could throw a wrench in their plan down the road.

On a separate note, there had been talks of Kansas potentially trying to lure the Kansas City Chiefs out of Missouri. However, their governor, Laura Kelly, said that nobody has gone to talk to Chiefs ownership about a move for the time being. Plus, they aren’t expected to make enough sports betting revenue to make a professional sports team want to change locations just yet. One of the reasons for this here is because if the Chiefs did move to a state where sports betting is legal, they could have a sportsbook at their stadium and welcome a lot more sports betting on one of the state’s most popular teams.

Bar Meet-Up Leads To Theft At Casino For $90K

Careful who you get friendly with in Las Vegas.

A woman was arrested this week after she was busted stealing from another patron at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas. One man, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that he met a woman at the bar in the casino area and the social get together continued into the night. That’s when things took a turn as he said that she slipped something in his drink. He passed out shortly after and later woke up in his hotel room without all of his chips. The man said that during the night he grew very dizzy and that his vision went blurry randomly.

The woman, Ebony Bairfield, admitted that she was seen on a surveillance video but denied that she even knew the guy. Police found a hotel room key in her purse when they searched her and she was later charged with administering a drug to aid in the commission of felony burglary, and grand larceny.

During the robbery, the man said that he had won $50,000 throughout the day and was handed an additional $40,000 by a friend. In total, approximately $90,000 was robbed from him. The good news for him is that he appears to be in good health otherwise and his winnings should be returned now that the thief has been busted.

Slots Player In North Dakota Wins $1.6 Million

One man just received the payout of a lifetime. Elton Spotted Horse was playing on a Dancing Drums Explosion slot machine when he found out he won big time. He ran a spin while betting just $5.88, yet he found a way to come out of it with $1.6 million. As it stands right now, this payout is believed to be the second-largest in the state’s history.

Elton hasn’t been the only player to win big lately.  Another player over at the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino struck a fortune with a $1.3 million victory at another slot machine. That one was a Wheel of Fortune machine, which is well-known for payout out big prizes.

Both of these huge winners received a lot of love from the community after they announced their respective wins on social media.

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