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This week’s casino news starts off in Ohio where the Lottery Commission has been dealing with some troubling rumors of theft. We’ve got the latest in our weekly recap of the top headlines.

Ohio Lottery Commission Staff Accused Of Stealing

A major scandal could be on the way for key staff members of the Ohio Lottery Commission. The Ohio Inspector General just reported it that nine different employees were raking in money for time they didn’t work. The total combined amount wound up being roughly $30,000.

The OLC had gotten in contact with the Inspector General in regards to suspected theft to notify them. After about a month of investigating, they have been able to come to the conclusion that it was their own employees doing the thievery.

For those that don’t know, the Ohio Lottery Commission has a responsibility to help people out in regard to gambling addictions and other betting-related areas. Due to this investigation bringing some new facts to life, the Inspector General announced that they will be forwarding their report to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office to get further reviewed.

MGM Strikes Partnership With Kansas City Chiefs 

Line of scrimmage before the snap during an NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs face off against the San Francisco 49ers.

The Kansas City Chiefs started their new season this past Sunday while launching a deal with a new partner. BetMGM has signed a multi-year partnership with the Chiefs, making them the primary sponsor of the squad. As far as the specific terms of the deal, the financial aspects weren’t disclosed to the public.

BetMGM content will now be available all over the Chiefs’ digital channels with different types of offers and prizes for their players. They will also be present in some capacity at Arrowhead Stadium with advertising and various other activations.

With MGM preparing to expand its services to Kansas, they are now going to be operating in 24 different state markets. The New Jersey-based company still falls a little behind both DraftKings and FanDuel globally, but they’re certainly a top five sports betting operator in the world. It very much looks like this will be the big three that survives in the coming years as the market finds a way to consolidate.

Caesars Palace Dealer Retires After 55 Years On The Job

There are many different types of legends in Las Vegas and one at the tables recently retired.

An employee at Caesars Palace has announced their retirement, meaning that the company’s longest-serving dealer has officially entered into his retirement. Benny Figgins stepped away from the place he called home on August 31st, functioning primarily as a blackjack dealer.

The company wanted to send him off in the right way by getting showered with congratulations on his way out from everybody working there. Management and team members alike all wanted to get together to make his final day at work memorable. They also sent him home in a special limo ride to celebrate. Along with that, he received crystals from their chandelier at the original casino dome over in Caesars Palace and picked up a plaque for his services.

He was hired onto the company back in April of 1967. Throughout the years he spent at Caesars Palace, he worked and operated five different departments at the company. He started off as a casino porter, just cleaning the casino floor whenever possible. He eventually worked his way up to being a convention porter before moving into a busboy position at the Circus Maximus showroom. Soon, he was moved to become a blackjack dealer in 1971, dealing cards to countless legends such as Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross and Henry Belafonte. He mostly stayed there for the last 50 years until deciding to call it a career recently.

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