For most people experiencing life during the covid-19 pandemic, it’s likely going on a few weeks (at least) that you’ve been in quarantine…but have you dabbled in corona cuts yet? These people have.

With non-essential businesses closed, things as we know it have changed, with Las Vegas casinos being closed and popular events like the 2020 NFL Draft being held for the first time via video conference, many people have taken matters into their own hands—For example, with do-it-yourself haircuts.

Quarantine or self-isolation isn’t the first thing to cause people to cut or style their own hair questionably—There’s Something About Mary, The 40-Year Old Virgin or even the episode of friends where Monice gives Phoebe a ‘Dudley Moore’ cut instead of a ‘Demi Moore’ cut are great examples of DIY haircuts in pop culture.

Since many people weren’t (or still aren’t) sure when their usual barber or hairdresser will open again, many have decided to give themselves, their significant others and other members of their quaran-team DIY haircuts and styles.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite DIY corona cuts, #hairfails, if you will.

1. This Dad, who didn’t exactly get the seal of approval from Mom.

We hope Dad got permission first.

2. Hey, at least Lorna made sure this guy’s hair looks good from 6-feet way.

Not the worst we’ve seen, but certainly not the best—Scissors are great to cut hair, too.

3. What could go wrong? Well, this hairstyle for one.

Okay, so his friends’ clippers died—Maybe this haircut could’ve been fire if they lived. However, I think the lesson learned we can take away is, start your haircut at the bottom and work your way up.

hair fails, quarantine hair cuts, corona cuts

Via u/The-One-Icy-Kid via

4. This haircut with an edge that they couldn’t quite get straight.

Sometimes, it’s better to quit while you’re ahead.

5. It’s okay, thick hair is challenging.

Hey, dry hair cuts are difficult for most people—This is a…Start?

corona cut

6. This guy, who proves shaving the back of your head is on a whole different world than the front.

I mean, it’s not great, but a good attempt for a truly DIY haircut.

7. Even dogs aren’t immune—But personally, we don’t think this is half bad.

Nobody is safe from an amateur hairdresser, even the dog.


Have you tried out any corona cuts yourself during quarantine?

All we can say is: We highly recommend waiting until hairdressers’ open their doors, but for our amusement? Please, keep the do-it-yourself corona cuts coming.

Elliot Nield

Elliot has immersed himself in the world of online casino betting for over a decade now. He is always on the hunt for the best online casinos and poker rooms, and he knows what he likes. More importantly, he knows what he doesn't like: weak bonuses and a lack of deposit options.

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