Hank Azaria’s ‘Stars CALL for Action’ charity poker tournament brings together some of Hollywood’s biggest names Saturday night for an event to raise funds for COVID-19 victims. The event features an impressive roster of A-List celebs such as Edward Norton, John Hamm, Don Cheadle, and Amy Schumer and is being backed by txhe online poker giant PokerStars.

hank azaria poker tournament, stars CALL for action poker tournament for covid 19 victims

Hank Azaria playing poker.

While the celebs battle it out on the felt, you can also cash in on the fun thanks to the odds crew at BetOnline who are offering lines as to which player is the “last to be eliminated” in the ‘Stars CALL for Action’ celebrity poker tournament.

Celebrity Poker Tournament – Last Eliminated Via BetOnline

  • Kevin Pollak 4/1
  • Edward Norton 5/1
  • Don Cheadle 6/1
  • Bryan Cranston 7/1
  • Michael Cera 15/2
  • Max Kruse 8/1
  • Brian Koppelman 10/1
  • Jason Alexander 10/1
  • Brad Garrett 10/1
  • Amy Schumer 10/1
  • David Schwimmer 12/1
  • Jon Hamm 12/1
  • Jeff Garlin 12/1
  • Eric Bogosian 14/1
  • Michael Ian Black 14/1

Sportsbooks are liking Kevin Pollak’s chances best, as the Casino star and avid poker player is 4/1 to outlast the pack.

Pollak prides himself as a savvy poker player, having won $52,718 after finishing 134th out of 6,598 players in the 2012 World Series of Poker. He also plays hosts to weekly celebrity home games and is no stranger to the flop.

Edward Norton is listed just behind him at 5/1, and oddmakers appear to be banking on the fact that Norton likely studied the game in preparation for his role as Lester “Worm” Murphy in the poker cult classic Rounders.

Bettors can lock in their bets and tune in to the action on various Facebook live feeds, Twitch, and Youtube.

Coronavirus Spreading At Sportsbooks

While the COVID-19 pandemic has cost bettors countless wagering opportunities, it has created a few unique markets such as the one mentioned above—We’ve already witnessed a rise in popularity amongst viral challenges, streamed events, and simulated gaming competition.

Now, bettors can wager on the Merriam-Webster Word of the Year—And it probably comes as no surprise that COVID-19 is leading the way at -155, so hey, you might be able to find a way to profit off of an otherwise horrible situation.

Other options include “Coronavirus” and “Social Distancing”, both listed at +200, and for those of you who chose to be a bit more cynical, “Covidiot” can be grabbed at +400.

Keep the Coronavirus bug alive by tossing a wager on either Tony Ferguson or Justin Gaethje to say “Corona” or “COVID” at any point in their post-fight interview after Saturday’s UFC 249 Main Event and cash in at +180, with the ‘No’ currently trading at -270.

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