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On November 3, Maryland, South Dakota, Nebraska and Louisiana all had sports betting measures on their ballot. As of November 4, all states have voted ‘yes’ towards measure that would make betting a reality in their home states. But what does that mean for the state, and for betting? We take a look at how betting approval will impact each state.


Sports Betting on the Ballot: State-by-State


Betting was on the 2020 Maryland Election ballot as ‘Question 2’, and voters could select a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote. Support for the bill includes allowing residents to wager on sports and events at specific licensed facilities to produce state revenue to support education.

64% of votes favored introducing betting to Maryland.

South Dakota

Sports betting was on the South Dakota ballot as ‘Constitutional Amendment B’. Approval for the measure would allow the state to legalize, but not outright—Lawmakers will still need to create legislation for regulation issues, like the taxation associated with betting. betting is set to hit the state sometime in 2021. If it’s anything like Virginia, delays are pretty likely.

 77% of votes favored bringing betting to the state.

man sitting in a betting shop

Hopefully, coming to a state near you.


Betting was on the Nebraska bill as ‘Initiative 429’, and a ‘yes’ vote will allow lawmakers to authorize, regulate, and tax casino gaming at licensed racetrack facilities in South Sioux City, Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, and Columbus. Voters also approved changing state constitution, so slot machines and table gaming are allowed.

68% of people voted in favor of bringing betting to Nebraska.



When it comes to Louisiana, twelve parishes were on the ballot, and all four voted in favor of a proposition (not amendment) that approves sports betting as a part of legal gambling in specific areas versus the entire state. Sports wagering will be available across in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafayette. Sports won’t be available to wager on until state laws & regulations (particularly about how revenue is taxed) are created.


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