Breaking Down the Action:
  • Fee Celebrates Negreanu's Defeat to Polk
  • Negreanu Fires Back Some Shots
  • Was it the Greatest Poker Taunt Ever?

Daniel Negreanu might have thought that the poker world would quickly move on from his $1.2m defeat to Doug Polk in the Heads-Up Feud that dominated the turn of the year.

While Polk was pretty gracious in victory, one of his many supporters definitely wasn’t.

Fee Celebrates Negreanu’s Defeat to Polk

Ryan Fee had so much on the line that Polk’s victory netted him enough for a rather extravagant purchase – a brand new Lamborghini. The appropriate poker phrase might be to ‘get it quietly’, or to keep such a showy life-trinket on the down low—that is unless you’ve given said Lamborghini a number plate teasing the person whose defeat enables you to buy it.

Ryan Fee is closely aligned with Doug Polk, being a co-founder of the popular poker website, Upswing Poker. Fee definitely took a few digs at ‘DNegs’ during the match, and although he was right to be wary of Negreanu overhauling his losses, it definitely stoked up some serious anger.

Down close to a million dollars, Negreanu did, of course, battle back bravely, including one session where he won more than a quarter of a million dollars. That was all forgotten by the end of the action, however. Negreanu eventual $1.2 million in losses proved a hefty price to pay for a lesson in heads-up dominance.

Fee bet big on his friend Doug Polk, prompting an uproar of laughter on Twitter, laying around 4-to-1.

Negreanu Fires Back Some Shots

Ryan Fee’s explosive taunting was never going to go unmentioned by Negreanu when the Canadian six-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner was interviewed on the latest PokerNews podcast episode.

Whilst he was modest in appraising his own performance in the heads-up challenge against Polk, ‘Kid Poker’ didn’t hold back in attacking Fee. Kid Poker got personal when he made accusations about overcompensation on Fee’s part when it came to purchasing a powerful motorcar in order to his make up for a rather personal deficiency.

“Obviously it’s very immature to mock the guy [that] he has a small little pinkie ***** because it’s not his fault right? But I thought it was funny. If you don’t like it, Fee, there’s a support group for people with pinkie *****. And there’s pumps and different things you can do and there’s other ways to please a woman as well. So all is not lost for you.”

Daniel Negreanu in his Heads Up Feud with Doug Polk

Daniel Negreanu pictured during his recent High Stakes Feud with Doug Polk (image courtesy of PokerGO)

Was it the Greatest Poker Taunt Ever?

Some taunts happen while the cards are still hot. When Jeremy Kaufman and Doug Polk met at the felt in Poker Night in America just three years ago, Polk got as far as letting Kaufman start to pick up the chips after making a bad call before informing him that he’d rivered his gutshot. Kaufman took it really well, as the two men were even interviewed after the broadcast.

Scotty Nguyen famously won the 1998 World Series of Poker Main Event by using a poker taunt to get his opponent to make the crucial call. Nguyen was all-in with jack-nine on a board that displayed a full house of eights over nines, and he knew that he had the better hand and moved all his chips over the line, before declaring to his opponent Kevin McBride: “You call, it’s gonna be all over baby!”

McBride did make the call and could only play the board, leaving Nguyen as the world champion and possibly the only WSOP bracelet winner in history who won a million-dollar prize without the need to explain how. Nguyen’s Main Event triumph in 1998 was tinged with regret as the very next day his brother was killed after being hit by a car. As a result, Scotty Nguyen never wears his WSOP Main Event bracelet.

Maybe the lesson is that when you taunt a poker player, you should be careful what you say… because you never know how the story will end.

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Paul Seaton

Paul Seaton has written about poker for many years, travelling the world to report live from such poker events as the World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour and World Poker Tour. As well as reporting live from the felt, Paul was Editor of BLUFF Europe magazine and has written for major poker brands including PokerStars, 888poker and partypoker where he was Head of Media. Paul has interviewed many of the world’s greatest poker players, such as Sam Trickett, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth and Bryn Kenney, the current all-time money list leader.

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