The world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is one that appeals to every poker player on some level. From buying a cheaper mint and growing a relatively small investment into something worth cashing out to trading six-figure NFTs for millions in a matter of weeks, it is the newest poker hobby for those with the buy-in to take part.

The World Poker Tour have followed up their initial foray into the world of NFTs by putting together a range of images featuring some of the best-known players of today. Who will you look at buying when they are newly minted?

World Poker Tour NFTs A Big Move

“Players will immediately know if they are playing against the real Steve Aoki.”

The advent of poker players enjoying NFTs is definitely upon a much higher percentage than in previous months. With the World Series of Poker around the corner, players looking to buy specific NFTs of value will be hoping to avoid the sort of exploitative NFT photographs that were put on sale last year and look to capture a bargain, much like Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald was slated to have done when he bought this Ether Rock back in the day.

The World Poker Tour is at the forefront of poker brands across the world who are looking to sell their own NFTs, and along with PokerGO, provide real value in this space. So it’s no surprise that the WPT has announced some big names are going to be available in their Poker Heroes series. With an online platform – WPT Global -that is already live in over 80 countries worldwide, the WPT is growing rapidly in every direction, having also taken on Steve Aoki and Brad Owen on the pro roster in recent weeks.

“Our avatars are built with 100% utility in mind and will act as Access NFTs,” said Meysam Moradpour, General Manager at Gamavrs. “Think of them as verified NFT profiles on the WPT Global app that come with valuable perks and access. Players will immediately know if they are playing against the real Steve Aoki, based on his NFT profile, which has a different shape and size than common profiles inside the WPT Global platform.”

How Many Heroes are Available?

There are several perks on offer to World Poker Tour NFT holders. There are 9,999 Poker heroes up for grabs as ‘access’ NFTs, with GAMAVRS, the Web3 studio behind the designs, merging iGaming with NFTs and the blockchain. Some of the poker ‘celebs’ available include Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius, and Maria Konnikova, who expressed her delight at becoming part of the collection.

Whoever signs up and enjoys becoming part of ‘the world’s first NFT poker club’ will be able to display their avatar as their chosen poker hero and get in-game paybacks such as $100,000 worth of freeroll tournaments. Other perks include priority no-wait joining for celebrity games on WPT Global, million-dollar giveaways, Discord group access with access to LearnWPT strategy tips, and exclusive live WPT event rewards such as attending VIP games and more.

There will also be chances for GAMAVRS holders to grab seats at some televised games, so there is the chance that purchasing a WPT NFT will lead to you appearing under the lights on TV too.

“Our poker-themed NFTs are really Access NFTs, so we will initially launch with 9,999 avatars for poker enthusiasts around the globe and expand based on user demand,” continues Moradpour. “It’s not about scarcity for us, but more about access for holders.”

Who Else Is Available as an NFT?

Players such as the DJ and music legend Steve Aoki, and plenty of other big poker names are also available as World Poker Tour NFTs. Others you can buy include but are not limited to: Andrew ‘LuckyChewy’ Lichtenberger, Joseph Cheong, Johnnie ‘Vibes’ Moreno, Lynn Gilmartin, Maria Ho, Vince Van Patten, Matt Savage, Joe ‘Daddy’ Stevenson, and Adam Owen.

GAMAVRS, the company behind last year’s Poker Hall of Fame Phil Ivey Poker Moment entitled ‘A Legendary Bluff in Poker History’ sold for 40ETH at the time of purchase and while the original 250 pre-minted avatars have already sold out, another 2,000 have just gone on sale under the umbrella folder of the Poker Heroes Club on the GAMAVRS website.

There are sure to be thousands of poker fans clamoring for a piece of poker history as well as exclusive avatars they can play as their heroes online. Want to know more? You can watch the official launch video on the World Poker tour’s YouTube channel right here:

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