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From Vine, to boxing, to questionable taste-level when it comes to a majority of what he posts, Jake Paul has finally landed himself in some seriously hot water (is anyone surprised, though?) and of course, we’ve got odds for that.

Although many would consider YouTube’s ‘shadow-banning (and the ‘demonetization’ that follows) of Paul’s videos is one of the most major consequences he’s had to deal with, but a recent FBI raid of his Calabasas home is by far the most serious, and likely the most shocking consequence he’s faced so far.

The recent raid at his home has many people wondering what’s happening with the YouTube wunderkind—And of course, we’ve got props for that.

Will he go to Jail in 2020? 

Originally, when reports came out regarding the F.B.I.’s raid on the property, TMZ reported (based on sources in law enforcement) that they confiscated multiple firearms from his property—But that’s not why they were even there.


Again, according to TMZ the F.B.I. was at Paul’s property regarding his involvement in looting at a mall in Scottsdale, Arizona, which saw him charged with Criminal Trespassing, after hundreds of tips came in naming him after video footage was released.

Sherriff’s deputies seized the guns after the F.B.I. found the house wasn’t secured & guns were accessible, but this seizure was unrelated to why they were there—Beyond removing his guns and the initial charge post-looting, it’s unclear why exactly F.B.I. and law enforcement were raiding Paul’s home, but on another noteworthy point, they raided one of his friends’ homes in Las Vegas, too.

Which has made people curious—What exactly did he do? Will he go to jail for it? Our friends at Bovada have considered it, and they’ve stacked the odds at:

No -300
Yes +200

Jake Paul Odds: When will he tweet next?

One thing that’s certain is Jake Paul is known for his social media presence, but the internet star has been fairly quiet since the end of July.

Paul last tweeted July 31, but, he’s posted to his Instagram stories (which, if you’re unfamiliar are posts which expire after 24 hours unless shared to a users’ ‘Highlights’) with a meme and the caption ‘when you login to social media’—So we’re guessing it was a little rough for him. Paul hasn’t had a social media silence this long since, well, forever. (Full disclosure: I scrolled through his Twitter until about 2018 and thought, ‘that’s enough of that’—Find out yourself, at your own risk).

However, this leads us to the question — When will Jake Paul tweet next? Let’s review the odds via Bovada (and hey, this may be the only time you could make money from one of Paul’s tweets):

August 10-16 -200
August 17-23 +250
August 24-30 +700
August 31 or Later +1500


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