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Looking for Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson betting odds? We’ve got them here, and the favorite will SHOCK you!!! (not clickbait).

Jake Paul’s been knocking back MacDonalds, and he seems to think this will help him knock out Nate Robinson in their upcoming boxing match on November 28 (previously set for September 12). The two are fighting as the undercard to the Mike Tyson/Roy Jones Jr. match.

Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson Betting: Odds

Like we said, not clickbait—Jake Paul is the favorite to win the upcoming boxing match. Even though this is only his third boxing match and second professional prizefight, the folks at Bovada have determined the 23 year-old is the favorite to win this one.

Jake Paul -175
Nate Robinson +135

Paul even says you can bet your house on him (please, take this with several grains of salt), he’s that convinced he’ll win.

However, regardless of your thoughts on the content he makes, Paul has trained and apparently, has been hitting the ring to train regularly, and seriously. He’s also won his last two matches against Deji and AnEsonGib.

On the flip-side, Robinson, a former professional NBA basketball player & slam dunk champ has been boxing and training seriously since mid-July, and practicing in the ring since at least May.

So, why does Robinson want to fight Jake Paul? Paul’s bullying behavior. Robinson spoke with TMZ, where he explained he doesn’t like the way Paul ‘bullies’ weaker opponents to box against him. And, although Robinson’s athletic abilities lie in basketball, not boxing, he’s a big fan of the sport and dedicated to improving his skills in the ring.

“I’m putting my everything on the line for (Jake). Let’s get it done. It’s that simple,” says Robinson in an interview from TMZ.

How does Robinson feel? “I feel like myself, as being one of the greatest athletes on the planet, it’s not going to be no easy walk, bro. I hope you’re ready. Just be ready, ’cause I’ma be ready.”Plus, Robinson reports he’s already improved since the video of him posted below.

What is Jake Paul’s Boxing Record?


No. Result Record Type Opponent Round, time
1 Win 1-0 TKO AnEsonGib 1 (6), 2:18

Does Jake Paul have a boxing title?

No, Jake Paul does not have a boxing title as of August, 2020. He does not hold a title for any of the major world titles, WBC, WBO, IBF or WBA, but does have an amateur WBC belt which he was awarded following his win against KSI.

However, this could change, particularly if he gets serious about training, his lifestyle, and continues to compete in ‘celebrity’ boxing matches.

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