As the United States slowly begins to reopen, and Las Vegas casinos open, people just can’t stay away, but more importantly are wondering — When will casinos reopen in my state? We’ve got the answers.

While online gambling has kept people satisfied for the time being, avid gamblers, and Las Vegas fans in general have flocked to Vegas gambling tables as many casinos across America reopened in May, after extended closures due to Coronavirus.

Let’s take a look at other states that plan to reopen casinos soon, plus, what the scene in Las Vegas looks like.

Read on to learn which states have open casinos, which states are preparing to open casinos and

What Happens There, Only Happens There: Las Vegas

Arguably the hottest spot for gambling, Nevada re-opened their casinos on June 4, 2020, following the states’ closure in mid-March, much to the delight of casino-goers.

Although the crowds are sparser than usual, that’s due to social-distancing measures in place at most casinos to prevent any COVID-19 spread.

Here’s the scene in Las Vegas, as casinos reopen across United States:


In other news, the table game set up in Vegas looks something like this:

las vegas casino dealer and gambler wear face masks as they gamble in reopened las vegas casinos

Plexiglass up, face masks on: The new normal at Las Vegas, Nevada casinos—For now.


For some, it’s been…Less fun, shall we say?

bellagio casino staffer takes guests temperatures as las vegas casinos reopen

A Bellagio hotel-casino staffer takes the temperature of two casino guests on June 4, 2020 as Las Vegas casinos reopen post Coronavirus-related closures.

Open for Business: Casinos Open in United States

Here’s a list of states who have reopened their casinos, or have started the reopening process with only tribal or commercial land-based casinos opening first.

(Keep in mind, this list is up-to-date as of June 5, 2020).

  • Idaho: May 1, Some casinos start to reopen (tribal)
  • Montana: May 4, Commercial Casinos
  • South Dakota: May 7, Commercial Casinos
  • Oklahoma: May 12, Some casinos start to reopen (tribal)
  • Washington: May 13, Some casinos begin to reopen (tribal)
  • North Dakota: May 15, Some casinos begin to reopen (tribal)
  • Arizona: May 15, Some casinos begin to reopen (tribal)
  • California: May 15, Some casinos begin to reopen (tribal)
  • Michigan: May 16, Some casinos begin to reopen (tribal)
  • New York: May 17, Some casinos begin to reopen (tribal)
  • Louisiana: May 18, Commercial Casinos
  • Arkansas: May 18, Commercial Casinos
  • North Carolina: May 18, Some casinos begin to reopen (tribal)
  • Oregon: May 18, Some casinos begin to reopen (tribal)
  • Florida: May 21, Some casinos begin to reopen (tribal)
  • Mississippi: May 21, Commercial Casinos
  • Minnesota: Some casinos begin to reopen (tribal)
  • Wisconsin: Some casinos begin to reopen (tribal)
  • Missouri: June 1, Commercial casinos
  • Delaware: June 1, Commercial casinos
  • Connecticut: June 1, Tribal casinos
  • Iowa: June 1, Commercial casinos
  • Kansas: June 1, Commercial casinos
  • Nevada: June 4, Commercial casinos
  • West Virginia: June 5, Commercial casinos

When can you expect casinos to reopen across the rest of the United States?

Here’s when you can expect casinos to reopen in other parts of America:

  • Rhode Island: June 8, Commercial casinos
  • Indiana: June 14, Commercial casinos

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