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Legendary poker forum 2+2 has been sold - but what does the future hold?

The voice of poker fans for almost a quarter of a century, poker forum ‘2+2’ has been sold.

In a statement this morning, owner Mason Malmuth announced that after almost a quarter of a century, he was selling the world’s most popular poker discussion site.

What is the 2+2 Poker Forum?

For the longest time, ‘2+2’ was the place where poker news stories broke. In an age before Twitter, the 2+2 forum provided a seemingly borderless platform for poker discussion. Filled with industry gossip, it has also become home to poker strategy, selling and staking posts, and a whole lot more. Put simply, 2+2 has become a place that any poker player, fan, or media member has to be because the juice is always there.

Since social media’s growth, 2+2 may have changed but it is still a forum that is actively used by thousands of poker lovers and while the breaking of news is now probably split across 2+2 and Twitter -as well as other social media platforms

Malmuth’s Exit Statement in Full

Turning 70 later this year, Malmuth has called time on his ownership of the site, which began when he was just 46 years old.

In his forum post, he said:

“Hi Everyone,

I have an important announcement to make. This website, has been sold. It’s hard to believe that it was 24 years ago when was launched, and at that time when we started with just one forum, we thought it was only fifty-fifty we would get a post. But here we are many years and over 60 million posts later, and it’s time for new younger people to take over and make this site better than it has ever been.

Many of you will be familiar with the new owners since they are the same people who have brought you the Hand2Note HUD which is highly thought of throughout the poker industry. And I expect them to post soon in this thread

Our reasons for selling at this time is simply that those of us, including myself, who run this site are getting old, and I’ll be 70 this fall. So, when the offer came in to sell the site to new younger people who are on top of all the latest programming technology and who should have the ability to make this site better than it ever was, we felt that the time was right and would be best for everyone, including those of you who are members of the Two Plus Two Community.

I want to give special thanks to those who helped with the launching of this site: David Sklansky, Chuck Weinstock, Mat Sklansky, and Ray Zee. I also want to thank Mike Johnson and Adam Schwartz who hosted our Two Plus Two PokerCast for many years, to Bryan “Dynasty” Clark who has been our magazine editor for the past fifteen years, to Steven McLoughlin for help with some of our most important marketing in the past, to Bob Holmes who has been our advertising representative for many years, to Kiera Goetz who has assisted us with some of our computer programming when we needed a lot of help, and to Mike Minkoff who has helped us with so many things I couldn’t begin to list them all. In addition, a special thanks goes to our volunteer moderators who have worked tirelessly to make this site as good as it could possibly be and to our advertisers who thanks to their support have allowed to exist. And finally, a special thanks to Jessica Vecchione for suggesting that we create this website way back in 1997.

Also, we’ll be going through a transition period, so Mat Sklansky, Chuck Weinstock, and myself will certainly be active for some time to come. After that, we’ll just be posters like everyone else (and I expect to be posting for a long time).

Best wishes,


What’s Next for the World’s Biggest Poker Forum?

With the latest technological innovations likely to change 2+2 as it moves forward into an age dominated by instant social media gratification, could it change the way we discuss poker? Possibly.

The 2+2 forum has always been a touchstone for the type of topics that aren’t always salutary or permissible elsewhere. At its heart, the success of the 2+2 poker forum was its ability to get people talking about anything in the game in a way that wasn’t censored. This has frequently led to controversy being courted by many of those willing to discuss anything and everything online.

Whether such open discussion will remain is a question no one has answers to at present. What is for sure is that the 60 million posts and hundreds of thousands of fans indicate one thing — that the 2+2 forum is currently still one of the most popular places to discuss anything poker-related in the world.

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