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  • Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona after 19 seasons
  • Manchester City are the favorites to sign him
  • This would reunite Messi with former manager Pep Guardiola

The Champions League has concluded what has been arguably the strangest season in soccer history, due to the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to play havoc on the world. Bayern Munich recently won the Champions League to complete another treble, but along the way, they also routed Barcelona 8-2. That kicked off the process that led to a new manager at Barcelona in Ronald Koeman. More importantly, the Lionel Messi odds were released for where he’ll play next season. Barcelona won’t be one of the options after Messi decided to utilize a contract clause that allows him to leave the club. This will absolutely end up in a legal battle.

The Favorites

Manchester City opened as the favorites at the BetOnline sportsbook at +200, but that number could go much lower by the time you read this article. It has been reported that Messi has already been in contact with City manager Pep Guardiola, his former manager at Barcelona. You could argue that the Messi/Guardiola combination (along with other greats such as Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Carlos Puyol, and the list goes on) powered arguably the greatest era in Barcelona history.

City also has the financial power to sign him. They would likely need to release a player or two, but fewer than most other teams. Guardiola has also been under pressure to win the Champions League at City. Messi would make them the soccer betting favorites to lift the trophy next year. Messi and Kevin De Bruyne on the same team? That would be incredible.

The Italian Giants

Italian giants Inter Milan and Juventus are listed at +300 and +400, respectively. Inter has the financial backing, and it would be interesting to see Messi go there to renew his rivalry with Juve’s Cristiano Ronaldo from their time in Spain. Or, would Messi go to Juve to pair up with Ronaldo? The soccer world might implode on itself if that were to happen, but it would be an incredible pairing and Juve would jump to the top of the sports betting list in Italy and Europe.

The Intriguing French Powerhouse

Paris Saint-Germain comes in at +500, but this would be a better fit for Messi than either of the Italian clubs. PSG are a top team, putting up a good fight in their 1-0 loss to Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. He would be reunited with Neymar, who spent four years at Barcelona with Messi. Neymar had also been trying to return there, depending on what reports you listen to. Why not get Messi to come to Paris and join him instead, along with Kylian Mbappe? That front three would become the best in Europe, hands down.

He also wouldn’t have to work too hard in France’s Ligue 1, which PSG wins every year anyway, so Messi could focus on the Champions League. PSG also has financial backing and could find someway to make it work. Keep an eye on France; for sporting reasons alone, PSG is a very intriguing prospect.

Solid Lionel Messi Odds, But Probably Won’t Happen

Manchester United (+1000), Bayern Munich (+1200) and Liverpool (+1200) are next. However, a lot would have to go right for Messi to join these clubs. It would be a huge surprise if Messi were to join any other club in England besides City (which means we can also cross off Arsenal and Chelsea at +4000), because of his ties to Guardiola. Bayern just won the Champions League and might be the only club in Europe that wouldn’t break the bank for Messi. But you can bet a phone call from Munich to Barcelona has been made.

Will Messi Head To North or South America?

Newell’s Old Boys are listed at +1500, which means Messi would effectively be retiring. This club is from Argentina and they’re the club that Messi grew up supporting. He has always said that he wants to play for them before he retires, and they’re probably his last stop after he plays in Major League Soccer in the United States. Inter Miami (+2500) and the Los Angeles Galaxy (+3300) from MLS are on this list. However, Messi won’t want to face that much of a drop in competition just yet. That being said, if he does join City, it has been reported that there will be a clause in his contract that sends him to New York City FC. This club is a partner club of Manchester City, so that makes total sense.

The Rest Of The Sports Betting Contenders

The rest of the Lionel Messi odds list is as follows:

  • AC Milan (+2000) – If they want to fast-track their path back to success, this is the way to do it. But they probably don’t want to spend that much money.
  • Leeds United (+5000) – Leeds just got promoted to the English Premier League and are managed by Argentina’s Marcelo Bielsa. They also have financial backing, but do they have “Lionel Messi money”? That is highly doubtful.
  • Real Madrid (+6600) – These odds are much too high, but simply for chaos’ sake, we want this to happen. It would be bigger than Luis Figo moving from Barcelona to Real Madrid. Who can forget the fans at the Camp Nou throwing a pig’s head at him in his second game back there in 2002? However, given that most people (rightly) blame the Barcelona board for letting this happen, Messi wouldn’t get that kind of treatment. Still, it would be an incredibly petty moment for both Messi and Real Madrid, and we’re here for it.

Where Will Lionel Messi Play Next Season?

The Lionel Messi odds are right to have Manchester City as the favorites to sign him after he spent 19 years at Barcelona. Guardiola brought a lot of high-level people from Barca with him, so Messi would feel comfortable there. He would join a team that can win any competition they enter. As a Manchester United fan, it hurts the soul to admit this, but Lionel Messi will probably end up on Manchester City. This would make City the team to beat for as long as he stays there.

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