Well, it finally happened—From Jake Paul’s upcoming fight against Nate Robinson, to the Paul brothers’ bouts against other YouTubers, is Mayweather vs Paul the next big celebrity boxing bout fans should expect? Logan Paul is rumored to be lining up a fight against Floyd Mayweather, a professional boxer and arguably one of the world’s best.

There’s still no word when or where the match will take place (if it even will at all), but that hasn’t stopped people from weighing in on what might happen if they do.

We dive in to the latest Mayweather vs Paul odds, news and what major podcasters think about Logan Paul’s potential in the ring against Mayweather. 

logan paul boxing ksi in the ring

Logan Paul and KSI boxing back in 2019.

Mayweather vs. Paul News  

Is Floyd Mayweather Going to Fight Logan Paul?

Everyone from podcasters to retired boxer and world champion Johnny Nelson are talking about the potential bout between Mayweather and Paul, but so far, the two parties haven’t come to a formal agreement, and no contract has been signed.

According to TMZ, Mayweather is leaning towards not accepting the ‘money fight’ with Paul.

Joe Rogan Weighs In

Like we said, this potential match-up has a ton of people weighing in (no pun intended). Joe Rogan, noted MMA-enthusiast and podcaster said,

“One thing I will tell you, Logan Paul is a really athlete and he’s an enormous man. Now, if it was an MMA fight, I would pick Logan Paul. Listen to me, there’s a video of Logan Paul wrestling with Paulo Costa, it’s a real, live wrestling sparring session, where he is exhibiting real skill. He knows how to scramble, he has real wrestling skill.”

“Paulo is the UFC’s number on contender in the middleweight division, and a wrecking machine. The two of those guys are doing a wrestling drill, sparring, and Logan Paul is hanging in there man. With an elite, MMA, you know championship caliber fighter. A man who went to war with Yoel Romero and walked him down. Paulo Costa’s a monster, and Logan Paul is hanging in there. I don’t care what anyone says, when I saw that I thought ‘that kid’s impressive’.”

If Logan Paul ever faces off against one of the greatest all-time boxers in an MMA fight, you know who Rogan’s got.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Odds

Odds via Bovada.

Boxer Odds
Floyd Mayweather Jr. -3500
Logan Paul +900

Mayweather vs. Paul Betting Pick

Our pick for this match should come as a surprise to absolutely no one—Floyd Mayweather is the favorite, and our pick to win this match. In all honesty, betting on Paul would feel a little bit foolish, even though the payout in the rare chance he wins is exceptionally better.

A $5,000 wager on Mayweather will earn you a $142.86 profit (plus your wager back in your pocket), while a $5,000 wager on Paul would earn you a $45,000 profit if Logan Paul happens to win.

It’s worth noting that Mayweather hasn’t fought since 2018 (and isn’t the only boxer who’s been recently rumored to return to the ring), but he hasn’t lost a professional match either, even against seasoned professionals—We don’t think it’s likely he’ll lose or get KO’d by a former-wrestler turned YouTuber, turned amateur boxer.

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