After purchasing their Fantasy 5 tickets online, a Michigan lottery player has scored a six-figure jackpot.

The lucky winner out of Livingston County – who has chosen to remain anonymous at this time – claimed the $224,720 jackpot after matching all five numbers on his Fantasy 5 ticket.

The winning numbers of 06, 07, 15, 22, and 30 were drawn on Friday, November 9, lining up exactly with a ticket purchased through the website.

Michigan Lottery Winner’s Family Meal Interrupted by Jackpot Email

In a statement offered to lotto officials, the 37-year old winner recalled the precise moment when he realized that a routine winner’s notification might be worth life-changing money:

“I buy Fantasy 5 tickets online pretty regularly.

A lot of the time, I get emails telling me I’ve won a few bucks. When I was at dinner with my wife I got an email saying I’d won, but it didn’t show an amount.

I looked at the game’s jackpot, and once I saw it had reset to $100,000, I realized I could be the big winner. As soon as I confirmed I had won, I could barely finish eating!”

Fantasy 5 is a draw lotto game in which players attempt to match five numbers from a 1-39 set. The base ticket cost comes to $1, jackpots are seeded at $100,000, and the player’s odds of matching all five numbers to trigger the jackpot come to 1 in 575,757.

Unlike other draw lottery games, Fantasy 5 doesn’t offer winners the option to accept their jackpot as annuity payments, distributing an immediate lump sum payment instead.

Asked about his plans for the unexpected windfall, the winner expressed shock at his good fortune, before laying out a sensible plan to provide his family with a financial safety net:

“I still can’t believe it’s real.

Knowing I can pay off all of my debts is such a huge relief for me and my family.”

Online Lotto Pays Off for State and Residents Alike

The Michigan Lottery launched online ticket sales and internet-only games in August of 2014.

Since joining a small list of iLotto-legal states – along with Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania – Michigan has built the nation’s leading online lottery program with over 50 instant and draw games. In 2016, lotto officials revealed a 300 percent increase in ticket sales and $147 million in additional revenue attributable to online sales.

Michigan also shares a border with the Canadian province of Ontario, where the local Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) recently initiated an overhaul of its own online lottery program.

In January of 2017, a Michigan lottery enthusiast playing Mega Millions online parlayed a $1 ticket into the $1 million jackpot.

Anthony Frabotta, a 66-year old resident of Rochester Hills, immediately received a phone call from lotto officials informing him of the good news.

According to Jeff Holyfield – spokesman for the Michigan Lottery Commission (MLC) – direct contact and notification of jackpot wins is a convenience afforded only to its online players:

“What happens is with the online games where players have registered … we know immediately who it is.

If we see a person has won a prize of that sort, then we’ll give them a few days. If we don’t see them logging into their account, then we’ll make that outreach to let them know that they have won a million dollars or more.

All the others, they would have to call us, but if you’re a player playing online one of the benefits of that is you get that instant notification after the drawing.”



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