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We know Lebron has a passion for Tacos, specifically on Tuesdays—But right now, an unofficial wine club has piqued the interest of the NBA bubble.

Who started the unofficial NBA Wine Club? Who’s at the forefront?

Although many players are ordering wine, according to Heather Messer, Shipping & Administration Handler for NBA events, some players are taking it a step further.

According to vlogs and reports from the bubble, J.J. Redick and C.J. McCollum are leading the wine wave—McCollum keeps his room ice cold at 50-60°, the best temperature to store wine at (plus, he goes the distance and keeps them out of direct light to prevent oxidizing), while Redick and Josh Hart have wine fridges in their room.

Drink Wine to Find Peace of Mind?

NBA Championship season is stressful regardless, but we’d have to assume the pressure, stress and isolation from their families they face during a pandemic would certainly take a toll on players’ mental health. To cope, and to find a past-time beyond basketball and gaming, players have turned to wine to relax, unwind and de-stress.

“It provides an escape,” says Pelicans’ J.J. Redick, one of the current NBA wine enthusiasts.

Adds McCollum (who even has his own wine, an Oregon pinot noir called McCollum Heritage 91), ““You see some teams sitting at separate tables, [and] they’re drinking wine or they’re discussing things over wine,” he said. “I think it’s become more common practice, especially associated with dinner — a way to catch up, a way to reflect and relax after a long day of working out and obviously being restricted to the bubble.”

NBA Bubble’s Favourite Types of Wine

So, what kinds of wine are players in the NBA bubble drinking?

According to Holmes at ESPN, in addition to McCollum’s pinot noir, players like Carmelo Anthony have apparently brought European vintage wine to the NBA bubble, while Josh Hart favored the Bordeaux and Napa Valley cabernet varieties.

An NBA source said they’ll facilitate wine delivery from Frescobaldi, a company representing some well-known & loved Italian wines.

2020 NBA Championship Odds

While we don’t have odds for wine specifically, it’s fair to question if A) drinking wine could have some impact on performance, and B) if the camaraderie of an ‘NBA wine club’ could impact how team members play on-court (positively or negatively). With this in mind (though the Pelicans are out of the championship), we take a look at futures for the Eastern and Western Conference winners, and odds for which team will win the NBA Championship.

NBA Championship and conference odds via the fine folks at Bovada:

NBA Championship Winner
LA Clippers +260
LA Lakers +260
Milwaukee Bucks +333
Toronto Raptors +700
Boston Celtics +800
Houston Rockets +1500
Miami Heat +2200
Utah Jazz +5000
Dallas Mavericks +7000
Oklahoma City Thunder +8000
Denver Nuggets +10000
Portland Trail Blazers +10000
Orlando Magic +250000

2020 NBA Eastern Conference Winners

Eastern Conference Winner
Milwaukee Bucks -105
Toronto Raptors +275
Boston Celtics +350
Miami Heat +750
Orlando Magic +100000

2020 NBA Western Conference Winners

Western Conference Winner
LA Lakers +125
LA Clippers +125
Houston Rockets +750
Utah Jazz +2600
Portland Trail Blazers +25000
Oklahoma City Thunder +3300




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