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Like most great feuds, Negreanu vs Polk started with YouTube videos – Let’s get into the details of their soon-to-be grudge match.

On Wednesday, July 29 professional poker players Daniel Negreanu and retired polker-player Doug Polk agreed to face off in a ‘grudge’ match, playing Polk’s preferred poker game, Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em.

While this poker feud wasn’t on every poker fans’ radar, the two made it clear they weren’t best buddies during a twitter exchange (not a back-and-forth, if Negreanu has anything to say about it), seemingly sparked by poker player Joey Ingram in this tweet (and when you figure out what they’re settling, please let us know):

So, why the grudge match?

Polk, who no longer plays professionally, stated he’d return to poker if his tweet (see below) earned over 1K retweets.


How did they decide on no limit hold’em? Well, according to Negreanu there wasn’t much flexibility when it came to Polk’s preferred game:

“I thought it would be more fun and exciting to play deep stacked freeze outs where you start 250 bbs deep for 1000 hands and make it a best of 5. It would be unlikely with that many hands that it goes past that so it is essentially a cash game freeze out. He refused. He wants $200-$400 the whole way through for a set number of hands. Again, we are playing on his turf and by his rules,” said Negreanu.

While it’s not necessarily clear what sparked the need for a grudge match now, Negreanu provided some further insight in his blog, saying that most of the ire has come from Polk’s side, with Polk claiming he’s only mentioned Negreanu’s name a handful times, and only twice in his instructional poker videos.

Whether or not you’re picking sides or you’re even aware of their feud, at least we’re getting some good ol’ fashioned entertainment — And of course, we’ve got odds for that from our friends at Bovada:

Negreanu vs Polk Odds: Who will win a heads-up poker ‘grudge match?

Doug Polk -230
Daniel Negreanu +160

doug polk poker player, polk vs negreanu

Negreanu vs Polk: What we Don’t Know

While both have agreed to the online grudge match, and even the type of poker they’ll play, they’ve yet to confirm when they’ll actually play.




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