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The NHL is the second league to join the AGA’s recent campaign for responsible gaming. The campaign, titled “Have a Game Plan” gives some suggestions to spots bettors, like:

  • Set & stick to budgets
  • Understand odds and risks associated with them
  • Try betting socially, among friends

The NHL will create themed materials to promote the campaign with the American Gaming Association, and will also use co-branded video board sports and announcements, presumably during games to promote the campaign. In addition to design and advertising, the NHL will work with clubs where sports betting is legal and create informative betting content specifically for their most popular sports, teams and markets.

According to a survey from AGA, 27% of sports bettors wagered on the NHL in the past year, with 19% wagering at a casino sportsbook, 41% wagering online and 22% with a bookie.

keith wachtel chief business officer nhl at podium

Keith Wachtel, Chief Business Officer at the NHL.

NHL’s Chief Business Officer, Keith Wachtel says, “The National Hockey League is proud to partner with the American Gaming Association on this vital initiative to educate NHL fans about the importance of responsible betting…The fan experience remains one of our highest priorities as more hockey fans than ever have the opportunity to legally and responsibly bet in their home states.”

The first league to join the American Gaming Associations public service campaign is NASCAR. The campaign was initially launched in DC and Las Vegas in early March, before coronavirus shut down land-based casinos and sportsbooks everywhere. The campaign is open to all leagues, and for any sport to develop their own unique marketing materials to encourage fans to bet safely, and look for resources that support responsible gambling.


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