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After five-plus months, we’ve reached a point during this pandemic where a line in the sand has replaced the line of scrimmage. College football’s power brokers now must high-step a delicate dance between appeasing their, ahem, student-athletes’ eagerness to play and accepting the virus-related risks that come with fielding football this fall. Over the weekend, the Mid-American Conference became the first FBS conference to opt out of fall seasons and championships, which came on the heels of University of Connecticut’s decision to cancel its 2020 season. As the dominoes begin to fall, bookmakers over at BetOnline cooked up odds that the FBS Power 5 Conferences – that being Big Ten, SEC, Pac-12, ACC and Big 12 – would postpone their football seasons before August 15, 2020.

Will Power 5 Postpone Season by August 15, 2020?
Yes (-2000)
No (+900)

As you can see, odds are heavy that the Power 5 conferences WILL postpone their 2020 seasons before this Saturday. You would need to risk $2000 to win $100 if you believe college football WILL postpone their season by that deadline. If you DO NOT believe the Power 5 will postpone their season before Saturday, a $100 bet can cash in $900.

Former ESPN anchor / reporter turned seasoned radio host, Dan Patrick, reported on Monday that he’s learned the Big Ten and Pac-12 will cancel their seasons tomorrow (Tuesday August 11).

Speaking of the ACC, Clemson head football coach Dabo Swinney’s program endured a virus scare when, back in June, 37 of 43 people tested positive, though they were asymptomatic. The Tigers football program returned to practice last week.

“I’m very hopeful and optimistic that we’re going to find a safe way to play,” Swinney said at a press conference late last week.

With mounting pressure to postpone/cancel the 2020 season, Clemson’s Heisman Trophy hopeful Trevor Lawrence, along with other All-American collegiate stars, took to social media this weekend to voice their eagerness to play amidst the pandemic.

At the professional level, the NBA’s bubble experiment has been a smashing success, while the NHL has survived and advanced on into their Stanley Cup Playoff. Despite the Marlins’ and Cardinals’ struggles to mitigate coronavirus spread, which has led to several series postponements, Major League Baseball continues to press on with their abridged 60-game schedule. The state of Ohio, with the Buckeyes one of the most beloved teams, just announced that its high school football season will only be six games and every team makes the playoffs … for now.

No matter how you slice it, the pandemic and risks associated with it come down to one thing: liability. Who will be held liable should the worst occur and is the juice (financial investment) worth the squeeze (money over athletic health)? We should know by Saturday if not earlier.

If you think you have your finger on the pulse of college football’s future choices, be sure to check out BetOnline’s sportsbook and place your bets!

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