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  • Bookmakers don't believe Trump will concede by November 17, 2020
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  • After Georgia run-off, Republicans favored to retain power in Senate

Though his odds to win the 2020 U.S. presidential election are off the board, Donald Trump still believes – at least in public – that the people have spoken and he has earned a second term in office. Now, depending on which side of the aisle you lean, this next bit of information may trigger multiple emotions. We’re one week removed from Election Day in America and several states are still counting mail-in votes and provisional ballots, but the fact still remains that multiple outlets have reported that Democratic challenger Joe Biden is now the President-Elect after garnering the required 270 electoral college votes. President Trump’s claims via a weekend press conference, social media rants and expensive lawsuits are that polling data was illegal, voting in some states fraudulent and, at the end of the day, the 2020 presidential election was rigged in some capacity. So, it should come as no surprise that due to Mr. Trump’s refusal to accept election results that bookmakers would set odds on whether or not he would concede defeat to Joe Biden.

Will Donald Trump Concede Defeat By November 17, 2020
Yes (+850)
No (-2500)

With an implied probability of 96.1%, the guys over at sportsbook Bovada don’t believe President Trump will concede defeat by next Tuesday. In fact, one senior White House official source told NBC News the following:

“This is unsustainable,” referring to Trump’s unwillingness to accept the results. “He’ll (Trump will) say something like, ‘We can’t trust the results, but I’m not contesting them.’”

This is a similar strategy Trump used when he stopped preaching about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate during his 2016 campaign race. From NPR’s account of the press conference.

“President Obama was born in the United States. Period,” Trump said at a campaign event in a ballroom in his new hotel in Washington. “Now, we want to get back to making America strong and great again.”

That statement is very different than an apology and I was wrong. We could definitely see a similar event play out here in the coming weeks.

2020 U.S. Election Odds

While the results of the 2020 presidential election play out in the courts of public and private opinion, the balance of power in the Senate won’t be decided until early-January. Republicans currently hold a 50-48 advantage, but two Georgia special elections will dictate whether the right side of the aisle calls the Senate shots the next four years. According to the latest odds, Republicans will pick up two more seats and a 52-48 majority for Mitch McConnell to block much of what the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives want to do.

U.S. Senate Special Election Odds – Georgia
Kelly Loeffler (R) -250
Raphael Warnock (D) +185
U.S. Senate Special Election Odds – Georgia
David Perdue (R) -330
Jon Ossoff (D) +235

2024 U.S. Presidential Election Odds

Because it’s never too early to start thinking about the next presidential nightmare election, both Bovada and BetOnline have posted odds to be the 2024 Democratic and Republican nominee as well as who will win the 2024 election.

2024 U.S. Election Betting Odds Sportsbook Sportsbook
Democratic Nominee Bovada BetOnline
Kamala Harris  +300 +250
Joe Biden +500 +700
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +600 +1400
Andrew Yang +800 +800
Beto O’Rourke +1000 +1000

As you can see, both online sportsbooks believe Vice-President elect Kamala Harris is the favorite to earn the 2024 presidential nomination. Also, 2020 Democratic candidate Andrew Yang enjoys some strong support from bookmakers at 8-to-1.

2024 U.S. Election Betting Odds Sportsbook Sportsbook
Republican Nominee Bovada BetOnline
Donald Trump  +400 +900
Mike Pence +400 +350
Nikki Haley +500 +350
John Kasich +800 +800
Josh Hawley +1000 +800

Obviously these odds are subject to change should the world get turned upside down in the coming weeks, but Vice President Mike Pence is the favorite to earn the Republican nomination at both sportsbooks, while President Trump is 4-to-1 at Bovada and 9-to-1 at BetOnline.

The favorites to win the 2024 presidential election are Harris at 4-to-1, Trump Sr. at 8-to-1 and Haley at 10-to-1.

It would probably be a wise decision to wait on the 2020 election results to be finalized before uttering another word about 2024.

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