Breaking Down the Action:
  • A Late Run To the Final
  • Ball and Elias Both Depart
  • Colpoys Closes It Out

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Daniel Colpoys, winner of the first event of the 2022 PokerGO Cup.

The opening event of the 2022 PokerGO Cup has been taken down by Scott Ball, who claimed a victory worth $200,000 for the second time already this year. Following a big win in Florida in January, Colpoys’ title at the ARIA in Las Vegas further confirms his recent ‘heater’ status.

With some terrific poker at the final table, Colpoys overcame chip leader Andrew Lichtenberger and Darren Elias along the way as he overcame the odds to become the latest champion on the PokerGO stream.

A Late Run To the Final

A total of 77 entries took part in Event #1 of the 2022 PokerGO Cup series, with the $10,000-entry No-Limit Hold’em event creating a prize pool of $770,000. Only the top 11 players finished in the money places, however, and it was after the bubble burst that Colpoys began his ascent to the summit.

After the eliminations of both Cary Katz and Jake Schindler in 9th and 8th places respectively, Colpoys won with pocket jacks for the second crucial time on Day 1, this time busting Shannor Shorr in 7th place and sealing the six-handed final table.

Returning to the action on the final day, Colpoys knocked out another player with pocket jacks, both red, as Michael Wang became the eventual winner’s first victim at the final table. Wang, who couldn’t hit with ace-queen, busted for a score of $46,200. In winning the hand, Colpoys leapt ahead of Darren Elias into second place, having started the day only marginally behind him.

Ball and Elias Both Depart

If Colpoys was to win, then he’d want others to exit without him needing to risk his stack to make it happen. That transpired as Scott Ball busted in fifth place, shoving nine big blinds with king-ten and being unfortunate to run into Darren Elias with the dominating ace-ten. A flop of Q-9-6 meant Ball had seven outs to shoot for across turn and river.

“That’s an exciting flop, I’ll take that — it’s fun!” Ball quipped, but a seven then a deuce saw him slide out for a result worth $61,600.

Matthew Wantman lasted a little longer but missed out on the podium places when he busted in fourth for $77,000 when he shoved for just under 10 big blinds with queen-ten of diamonds. Colpoys called with the ace-king of clubs and three clubs by the turn ended the hand in the favor of Colpoys.

That hand boosted Colpys but put pressure on Elias, who eventually needed to move a little lighter than he might have wanted. All-in with king-eight, he was in bad shape against Colpoys’ king-ten and that prevailed to give Colpoys the chip lead going into the heads up and Elias $100,100 for finishing third. With 5.7 million chips to Lichtenberger’s 3.9 million, the pressure was now on the overnight leader to get back in the game.

Colpoys Closes It Out

Daniel Colpoys sealed the deal heads-up, beating Lichtenberger to the title, but it was a slow grind to victory rather than one hand full of fireworks. Heading into the final hand with pocket nines, Colpoys saw Lichtenberger bet on the turn when his ace-four turned an ace.

Colpoys had the chips to make the call, however, and when a nine rolled over on the river to give him the set, the tournament was his when his opponent shoved and he quickly called.

Lichtenberger had to settle for the $146,300 runner-up prize, but Colpoys, who last won a ranking tournament way back in 2014, was delighted with his win and $200,200 top prize.

“I feel like I’m doing some things well,” Colpoys said after the final duel. “Just trying to get better. I was kind of handcuffed at the start, and then I got some momentum and ran pretty well. I’m happy to take it down. I respect a lot of the guys there. It was nice.”

2022 PokerGO Cup Event #1 Results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Daniel Colpoys U.S.A. $200,200
2 Andrew Lichtenberger U.S.A. $146,300
3 Darren Elias U.S.A. $100,100
4 Matthew Wantman U.S.A. $77,000
5 Scott Ball U.S.A. $61,600
6 Michael Lang U.S.A. $46,200


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