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At this point, many probably forget Case Western Reserve University’s Cleveland Clinic campus was not where tonight’s first United States presidential debate was originally scheduled to take place. The University of Notre Dame earned that honor initially, but withdrew citing coronavirus concerns as the Irish haven’t been so lucky fighting off the pandemic in recent weeks and months. The on-going pandemic is one of many topics to be covered by debate moderator Chris Wallace and one of many debate prop bets on the board at online sportsbooks Bovada and BetOnline.

How to Watch the First 2020 U.S. Presidential Debate
Date: September 29, 2020, 9:00 p.m. ET
Location: Cleveland, Ohio | Case Western Reserve
TV Coverage: National TV
Moderator: FOX News Chris Wallace
How to Bet: Best Online Sportsbook Reviews

Heading into the first presidential debate, Joe Biden maintains a slight odds lead over incumbent President Donald Trump. The former vice-president checks in at -120 at Bovada, while President Trump is back up to EVEN odds. Over at BetOnline, Biden and Trump remain -130 and +110, respectively.

This hotly contested election will bring the fire out of both candidates tonight and is probably Bovada’s and BetOnline’s main inspiration for their most creative debate prop on the board.

Will Biden or Trump curse?
Option Odds
No -250
Yes +175

Now depending on which sportsbook you decide to go with, the definition of “curse” varies. At BetOnline, the word “damn” counts as a curse word whereas at Bovada, they’re only focused on George Carlin’s “Seven Dirty Words” you can’t see on TV. For the sake of brevity and job security, I’ll leave it to you to search that seven-pack.

What color will President Trump tie be?
Option Odds
Red -360
Blue (Light, Navy) +275
Other Color +1600
Yellow or Gold +1800
Black +2200

If you’d rather ease into the debate and wager on a quick win category, be sure to check out Bovada’s tie color prop bets. For those who don’t follow politics closely, red is often cited as a Republican color and blue for the Democratic party. President Trump is often seen wearing a bold (and comically long) red tie during public speaking events. During his last campaign stop last weekend, Biden was wearing what appeared to be a purple tie and blue at Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s memorial service.

What color will Joe Biden’s tie be?
Option Odds
Blue (Light, Navy) -275
Red +230
Purple +1000
Other +1200

The six debate topics – announced in advance – are the following:

  • Trump’s and Biden’s records
  • the Supreme Court
  • COVID-19
  • the economy
  • race and violence in U.S. cities
  • the integrity of the election

However, it’s worth noting that those topics are in no particular order and could impact “what will be said first…” prop bets. It’s also very likely that Wallace will use a portion of the time to allow President Trump to respond to the recent New York Times investigative report into his tax records.

What will be said first by Biden or Trump?
Option Odds
Racism +150
Violence +200
Police +300
Protest +400
Black Lives Matter +500

President Trump has spent the past few months sowing seeds of doubt in the United States Postal Office and validity of main-in voting ballots. Ballot harvesting has been a phrase kicked around by Trump in recent days and will be brought up during the “integrity of the election” portion of the debate.

What will be said first by Biden or Trump?
Option Odds
Ballots +120
Mail-in +150
Rigged +400
Fraud +500
Post Office +700

At the crux of tonight’s debate will be President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Biden will no doubt use his time to attack his opponent’s record on wearing masks and disconnect between the president’s administration and the CDC.

What will be said first by Biden or Trump?
Option Odds
Mask +175
Pandemic +225
China +300
Deaths +300
CDC +450

If Trump’s go-to line is “fake news,” Biden’s has to be “come on man” as the chance that the president utters something ridiculous in the early portion of the debate provides value in this prop bet.

What will Biden say first?
Option Odds
Come on man -120
Scranton -120

Speaking of which … my guess is that Wallace will ask Trump about his tax records and the Times story in the early going, which will open the door for a “fake news” drop. This seems like a sure lock bet.

What will Trump say first?
Option Odds
Fake news -140
China virus +100

Scroll on to check out all the other presidential debate props on the board.

What will Trump say first?
Option Odds
Fake news -140
China virus +100
joe rogan ufc
Will Donald Trump mention Joe Rogan?
Option Odds
Yes +550
No -1000


Which topic will be debated first?
Option Odds
Supreme Court +200
Coronavirus Pandemic +250
Election Integrity +400
Trump’s and Biden’s Records +400
Race and Violence +500
Economy +550

donald trump

Who will take the first drink of water?
Option Odds
Biden -130
Trump -110


Will Biden or Trump refuse to answer a question?
Option Odds
No -300
Yes +200


Will Donald Trump walk up to the podium wearing a mask?
Option Odds
No -450
Yes +275

In the lead up to November 3, Gamble Online will publish weekly 2020 U.S. election betting coverage with the latest polling news and updated betting odds. If you’re interested in learning more about how to bet on the 2020 United States election or are interested in learning more about the online sportsbooks that offer political odds and unique prop bets, be sure to check out our new expert 2020 election guide.

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