Billionaire casino magnate Steve Wynn has listed his Beverly Hills home for $110 million. The home was originally owned by GUESS founder Maurice Marciano, with Wynn buying it for $47.85 million in 2015

The house is located in Benedict Canyon on a private cul-de-sac, with neighbors like Billy Joel and Jay Leno — and it boasts impressive additions along with notable neighbors. Wynn invested millions in the home, totally renovating the property and adding about 10,000 feet. The property spans 2.7 acres, and the home itself is 27,150 square feet. The home features 11 bedrooms, 16 baths, staff quarters, an elevator, and a separate patio just for guests.

If you’re a fan of his resort & casino properties, you’ll love his home — he enlisted Robert Thomas, the same interior decorator who worked on Wynn Resorts. Arcitecht William Hablinksi worked closely with Wynn and his wife on the home and it’s specifications, and landscape designer Robert Truskowsky. The home also boasts neutral colors, a wet bar, floor-to-ceiling windows, a professional-sized tennis court, and a pool – naturally.

Wynn was the CEO & chairman of Wynn Resorts, although he stepped down from the company after sexual abuse allegations surfaced — he has denied the allegations.

beverly hills mansion with blue swimming pool

Wynn sets sights on Florida

This isn’t the only property Wynn has on the market— he also has a mansion in Southern Nevada listed for $25 million, on what’s known as ‘Billionaire’s Row’, also home to notable people like David Copperfield and Andre Agassi.

Wynn has been spending less time at some of his other properties, opting to spend most of his time in Florida. He also has properties in NYC, Idaho, Vegas, Sun Valley, and Palm Beach.

Wynn’s not the only Beverly Hills resident selling his property and moving from Beverly Hills or Los Angeles — according to Livabl, LA has seen a 96% increase in people leaving the state overall, either permanently or temporarily. While many temporary moves are likely attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’ll be interesting to see if residents move back amidst looser pandemic restrictions.

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