While seasoned football bettors focus on point spreads and totals, casual fans have a smorgasbord of Super Bowl specialty wagers from which to choose on the prop bets menu.

The big game is much more than a game, after all, as the Super Bowl combines two weeks’ worth of media hype, a full-fledged concert, and a festival of football fandom into America’s signature spectacle. Accordingly, online sportsbook Bovada offers dozens of specials covering every conceivable aspect of Super Bowl 52.

You can bet on Pink’s hair color during her national anthem performance, whether the winning coach will be doused with pink Gatorade in the postgame frenzy, and everything in between.

On that note, take a look below for a few of the most interesting, intriguing, and downright odd Super Bowl 52 specials found this year.

Before the Patriots and Eagles even take the field, bettors can sweat several aspects of the national anthem performance.

The over/under for pop singer Pink to complete her anthem has been set at 2:00, and a longer show is the clear favorite (-155) against the under (+115). In the aforementioned hair color bet, white/blonde is the clubhouse leader at (-200), followed by pink/red (+400), green (+400), blue/purple (+700), and brown/black (+900). And as a bona fide Philly fanatic, the Pennsylvania native is tabbed at (+150) to mention the word “Eagles” before, during, or after her performance.

The pregame coin toss is a classic Super Bowl special, at least for the books, which charge vig of (-105) on both heads and tails.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick isn’t exactly a fashion icon, but “Darth Hoodie” is known for rocking his hooded sweatshirt rain or shine. Action is being taken on the color of that hoodie, or whatever shirt Belichick happens to be wearing come kickoff time. Blue is the favorite at (-150), but grey is a nice dark horse pick at (+130), followed by longshots like red (+1000) and white (+1000).

In 2004, when Belichick first broke out his hoodie for a full season, he capped it off by hoisting the Lombardi Trophy while wearing a dark grey design. The Pats defeated the Eagles in Super Bowl 39 that year, and with a rematch in the works, bettors are asked how many times the broadcast will show clips from the original.

Given the infamous ending in that one, when the Eagles wasted precious minutes huddling down by two possessions late, the over on 2.5 clips shown is a (+150) underdog. If you think producers will focus on the here and now, under 2.5 clips is a (-200) favorite.

The forecasts call for frigid weather in Minneapolis, and while those in attendance will be safe inside U.S. Bank Stadium, tailgaters can expect subzero temperatures. If you think the announcers will bring that fact up, the over/under on mentioning the temperature outside has been set at one – with the over a (-150) favorite to (+110) on the under.

Speaking of the announcers, one topic of conversation should be injured Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. Backup QB Nick Foles has performed admirably in his stead, but Wentz will be stalking the sidelines cheering his team on to a title run. The over/under on Wentz being mentioned during the broadcast sits at 3.5, and a Wentz-centric show is a heavy favorite at (-175) to (+135) on the under.

Despite dealing with North Korea’s posturing, an ongoing investigation into his campaign activities, and the vagaries of domestic legislation, President Donald Trump still has time for Twitter. He’s tweeted about the NFL on 23 occasions through his first term, mostly focusing on players protesting social issues.

Considering the commander-in-chief’s penchant for lengthy tweet-storms, and his ire toward NFL stars, the over/under on Trump tweets throughout February 4 seems rather low at just five. The over is an obvious favorite at (-140), while a quiet day on the Trump front is an even money bet.

Jonathan Zaun

One of Gamble Online's first dedicated reporters, Jonathan has spent well over a decade reporting on the gaming industry. While breaking legal news is his main area of expertise, Jonathan is an avid blackjack player & strategist who follows professional poker closely.

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